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Expobar G10 - Is this worth getting to repair?

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  • Expobar G10 - Is this worth getting to repair?

    Hi all,

    I've gotten this off FB. Is this worth getting and repairing? Can I use it at home? If so, will there be power and plumbing issues?

    Sorry, don't know too much about commercial machines.

    It says "LH control panel has a short, machine cuts out when any button pressed".

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks in advance!

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    For the price I would go for it.
    You would probably need a 15amp power point. You would need to work out how to plumb it in or buy a pump and run it from bottles.

    If you cant fix it. Cut the group handles and sell them on eBay to recover your cost.


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      That's a too good to be true for me... Fell off the back of a truck and sold in the pub??
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        I despise ads that claim to have many "new" parts installed.
        I've found that it can be a tactic to cover something else up by making it seem like it's in great condition. Ask if they have proof of the work that was done.
        This person has admitted there's a problem though.

        I do wonder why after hundreds of dollars worth of "new" parts have been installed it's only going for $100. If it's legit then that's a lucky score but I'd be a bit careful.


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          Seems obvious that someone who already put several hundreds of dollars into parts would replace the shorted control panel and sell the machine for much more then 100$.


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            Doubt the short is the touchpad itself, more likely the group solenoid, which they claim was already replaced. They are either criminal idiots or regular idiots.