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Cost of running a 2 group Faema

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  • Cost of running a 2 group Faema

    Hi All

    I haven't posted for quite a while. Due to a massive change of circumstances (which in time will have it's bright side) I'm considering how often to run my Due Faema. I also have a little ECM Botticelli with PID, but no matter how nice a machine it is, it won't do what the Faema does in terms of depth and transparency.

    I have already insulated the boiler and while I'm aware costs will vary depending on size of boiler, water level, pressure etc, I'm wondering if anyone has costed out electricity costs, monthly or weekly?

    Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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    G'day 'tm'...

    Have a read through "ozscott's" thread here, probably more towards the end. Pretty sure he worked all that out for his Due...



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      Thanks Mal. I measured time on time off for the heater over a ten minute period. For 12 hours I got a cost of 96c. This doesn't include the heat up period, which I'm guessing will be about ten minutes. I'll have to measure that and I'll post it.