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  • R58 leg modification

    Hello all.
    I have a trusty R58 which is serving me well however I've always had an issue with the drainage from the drip tray. This is not a machine design fault, however the height of the machine on it's OEM legs is such that a drainage hose to the hole in the back of my stone bench doesn't really give much 'fall' so the gravity drainage of the tray is painfully slow & is easily overwhelmed by tipping even half a cup of water in quickly. This results in a wet bench top that is not easy to quickly wipe up given the weight of the machine. Drilling another hole in my bench is not an option and using the tray without drainage is not optimal either as the R58 tray is very shallow (IMHO one of the limitations of the machine).
    My solution was to replace the legs with taller equivalents. I've been lucky enough to have a stainless steel tradesman at my home installing my pool fencing & after making him a brew or two he had a look at the machine and kindly made me some replacement legs - perfectly matching the OEM finish. These new legs are 75mm high 316 polished stainless steel. To replace the OEM legs took no more than 2 minutes.
    I think it's a terrific job and it has improved the drainage of the tray dramatically. Now I tip water down without any fear of backup/overflow. I have taken a few photos of my setup for those that are interested and have placed the OEM legs in the shots to give a comparison.
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    Good morning snooze.

    They look great. I have the same issue with the Alex leva.
    Can you put me in contact with this man ? I'd like to commission some legs for my alex leva.


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      The lesson in this is to consider drainage when you have the hole drilled in your bench. It should be situated to allow for the most direct pathway possible.

      Whilst compromise might be required if upgraditis sets in, there is no reason to get it wrong first time. The pathway for power and water in via braided hose is far less important. Machines don't care!


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        Agree Chris but a single hole at the very back of a stone bench is much easier on the eye compared with one right in middle when no machine is parked over the top of it!


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          Originally posted by YouSnooze View Post
          Agree Chris but a single hole at the very back of a stone bench is much easier on the eye compared with one right in middle when no machine is parked over the top of it!
          Fair 'nuff- however, I'd reword the original post. When installed correctly, the machine drains perfectly so the "issue" you have is one of sub-optimal installation, rather than a problem with the machine as your post would imply.


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            For clarity my "issue" with the machine is the shallow drip tray when not piped. Original post amended to suit. Ta.


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              I've just recently bought a Rocket Evoluzione (from Talk Coffee actually) and I assume its drip tray design is similar to the R58. I haven't yet drilled a hole in the bench and I have been running the hose from the drip tray across the bench top and into the sink. It seems to be draining fine even though the hose is running horizontally across the bench top for most of its length. It's actually working so well that I'm wondering whether drilling a hole in the granite bench top is really necessary. My wife is not at all keen on that idea.

              I'm trying to understand under what circumstances this setup could cause problems. The OP mentioned problems pouring even half a cup of water into the drip tray. On mine, I can pour two latte glasses full of water in simultaneously without problem. Running water continuously through the group head is also fine.



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                Great legs. That sounded weird, but yeah... It's nice when people attach good photos too. Thanks.