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Expobar Megacrem solenoid coil type

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  • Expobar Megacrem solenoid coil type

    I am just wondering if anyone knows what type of group solenoid coils the Expobar Megacrem 2gr uses.

    I have not been able to find a reliable picture or source that says if the are flylead coils or standard plug coils. From the limited sources I have seen, it indicates that they may be flylead coils.

    Does anyone know for sure?

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    I've seen them with either type. If they are the flylead type they can easily be replaced with the plug type, by just clipping the flyleads off the original coil and crimping some female spade terminals on the leads to fit the new coil, or by wiring on the correct plug (I've done both these mods before).


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      Yes I ended up taking new plugs to the job in case the coils were faulty and were of the flylead type so I could fit plug type coils.

      It was the solenoid bodies that were the problem and not the coils so that made it even easier.


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        Good to hear it was easy, certainly easier than a repair I had today. A 2 group Sab Italia E96, leaking from the exhaust of the 3 way valve on one head. Easy, I thought. Must be a faulty 3 way valve, so I replaced it - and it kept leaking. Figured the new one was a dud, so replaced it with another new 3 way - still leaking. Wondered if I had a bad batch of 3 way valves, so I swapped the valves between the heads, and the leak stayed rather than moving to the other head. Eventually I remounted the 3 way rotated 90 degrees so the outlet was blocked, and the leak moved from the exhaust to the group itself. All I could figure was some internal crack or corrosion in the head allowing water to pass directly from an internal passage on the HX side of the 3 way to the passage leading from the 3 way to the group outlet, and presumably into the part of the passage that runs uphill from the 3 way to the blanking plug on the front of the group, since it would then run downhill into and through the 3 way and out the exhaust until that option was blocked off, forcing it out through the group.
        Had to leave it dripping away (but otherwise working perfectly) and organise to swap it out for a loan machine and investigate it more deeply in the workshop.