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New commercial lever from Ambient&spresso

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  • New commercial lever from Ambient&spresso

    Here are some renderings...

    They are keen to have our thoughts

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    It looks similar to the KvdW Idrocompresso which is a good thing


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      Hey Chris,

      Interesting design but looks a bit odd from all but the front oblique angle, which looks pretty cool. I don't like the look of the lower part of the rear panel;

      it doesn't relate/tie in well to the rest of the design. Maybe if the lower edge was parallel to either the front leg support or the cup warmer top line??

      But then Ambient are coming up with some out there designs so its' not totally out of place!

      Do you know what group and size they are proposing? Making their own?

      Idrocompresso? Nah, that's real easy on the eye.... this one makes you sit up straight and feel a little uncomfortable, lotsa pointy bits. ;-)


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        Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
        Do you know what group and size they are proposing? Making their own?
        Hi chokki,

        Agreed- Ambient is where you go for out there!

        The renderings look to be San Marco groups to me- 55mm and identical to those on your leva.




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          Which would be totally cool! The LSM lever is &*^%^% awesome! :-D

          Crikey, did I just say that? :-D


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            Nice from the front.
            But don't really like the 'exposed legs' bit - and that 'slot' on the back panel for want of a better word looks like the perfect place for storing stray beans / fluff / spilt capp's - all in line of sight of the customer!