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Boema single group on a timer?

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  • Boema single group on a timer?

    Hi all,
    wondering if anyone who owns a boema single group volumetric machine has it on a timer?
    The manual instructs to release some steam when it's Heating up to avoid negative pressure. Is there anyway these machines can be used with a timer and warm up without having to standby the steam wand???
    any info appreciated!

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    Sounds like it's missing an anti vac valve (strange, the only machine I know of without one is the Oscar, no doubt there are some others). You should be able to retro fit one if that is the only item preventing remote turn on.

    The other thing to consider, does the machine auto fill the boiler and have a low tank water level cut out? If not then you potentially risk burning out the element if you let the water run low.

    I'm not familiar with your machine so these might not be an issue?



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      All Boema machines carry the same instruction label regardless of the model.
      Unless it's an ancient machine (earlier than, say, early 80's) it will have autofill and an antivac.
      Being that it's volumetric, it will have both of these features.

      You shouldn't have a problem running it off a timer. The Boema single groups have 2400W elements so make sure you use a quality timer as it'll be switching the full 10A.


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        Many thanks for the replys.
        yes it is auto fill. I'll run it on a timer and watch to see how she goes.