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  • Question For LM GS/3 Owners


    As of about a week ago, I am now the proud owner of a La Marzocco GS/3. Everything is going fine with it, but I have a quick question about when the boiler refills. Aside from the sound of the pump, after I draw water from the steam boiler, using the hot water wand, I can clearly hear a distinct trickling of water sound as the pump is running to refill the boiler. Is this normal for a GS/3? Or should I only be able to hear the sound of the pump? I have not heard this sound before on any of my previous espresso machines whilst the pump refills the steam boiler.

    By the way, I have tried to register my LM GS/3 to join the La Marzocco Club on the La Marzocco website, but I can't manage to get a confirmation email. I have emailed twice about this with no reply at all. Has anyone on the Coffee Snobs forum tried to join this club before?

    Thank you for your help,

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    If its a trickling water sound it may be the relief valve releasing some water in the tray. For boiler filling, i can only hear the pump


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      Is it a trickling sound or a pinging sound? Trickling water should be drowned out by the hum of the pump. The pinging sound is residual condensed water droplets inside the steam valve that is flash boiling and bouncing around inside the copper tube. Look up the Leidenfrost effect.