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  • Faema E98 A1

    Ok may be a silly question but recnetly when i turn the machine on in the morning it heats up to stand pressure on the gauge read out after approx 30 mins.

    I can then press the button to pull a shot and the pressure rapidly drops and doesnt come out steaming hot as usual. But as soon as i press the steam wand switch the pressure drops to 0 and the element starts to heat up again. I have had to do this every morning for the last 2 weeks. Id like to have a go at fixing this myself as im not scared to pull it apart. Any help would be brilliant thanks.

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    Seems you have the same problem my LaCimbali M27 commercial machine has ,which is a failing Anti-vac valve.
    Either you replace it or try to repair it,pretty common item....replacement would be easier/quicker.
    I haven't bothered with mine as yet as I have my machine here at home,I'm never in a hurry,I usually just wait for it to finally operate,usually just the once then it remains sealed and retains pressure.
    Hope this helps.


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      Also, try googling 'false pressure'. The issue is discussed in other forums including home-barista.


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        I have a very similar issue and replaced the O ring in the anti vac valve on the Faema with a viton O ring(Supposed to handle higher temps) from a bearing shop. The original was a normal black O ring which I replaced with a viton. This lasted approx 6 months before the same issue happened and I just replaced it again. There are replacement anti vac valves with teflon inserts but when I did the research they seemed to only last approx 6 -12 months before becoming "sticky".

        For the price of a new O ring every six months I'm Ok with replacing just the O ring. It takes approximately 5 minutes to do.

        I wonder if there are silicon O rings that will last longer.


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          Whenever I rebuild anti-vac valves I use silicone o-rings. Some that I did years ago are still working fine.
          The operating temperature of silicone can be up to 300C whereas I think viton maxes out at around 230C.

          A new anti-vac valve from coffeeparts is only $12.50 so it's hardly worth the effort to rebuild them to be honest.


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            Thanks so much guys, i had a feeling it was the anti vac valve, do you know where i can get some silicon O rings in perth or even online ?


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              Hi Mick

              Sounds like anti vac valve. Seems like its closed shut. Pull the top off and press the middle of it down (small nut on a shaft). If it pops down then turn on machine. When boiler starts to boil it should pop closed.

              If it doesn't seal it will hiss steam. That's what normally happens when the o ring perishes.

              You can get a new complete valve like mentioned or give it a clean and replace the o ring. Pretty sure there were a couple of spares in the bits I gave you.

              They were normal black ones but the higher temp versions are a good idea. They are only a few cents each, I got them from a bearing supplier in osborne park on king edward street from memory. Take the valve with you if you decide to go this way.



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                Cheers art,

                Ended up unbolting the whole valve off the machine, pulled it apart O ring was ok so dunked it in some CLR for 5 mins and then hit it with a bit of emry cloth and put it all back together. Works like a charm now thanks for all the help guys.


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                  Good stuff. Yep, they are a very simple device and easy to get to and fix/replace.

                  The o ring I replaced originally lasted 3 years from memory, so you should have another 2 years left!