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Wega lever rebuild

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  • Wega lever rebuild

    Hi folks, not sure if this post should be here or in a different forum. Sorry if it's wrong.
    I'm currently rebuilding/restoring a 2 group Wega Nova ale lever machine. It's gas powered plus electric element.

    My questions are: is it worth having the gas setup? I have zero experience with a gas heated boiler or the valve which controls it, however I have a dream that one day this beauty will operate from a coffee cart or vehicle. What is a gas machine like in terms of legality with burning flame in a vehicle?!

    Thanks for any help?
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    Sorry, help until we see photos !!
    But yes, gas will bring along a whole extra set of regulations to comply with,...especially if you will be operating commercially . You would be best to seek professional advice.
    .......some inspiration though..
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      Thanks for your inspiration!
      A bit of an update with where I'm at:
      All panels have been powdercoated a metallic red which looks fantastic, and the levers etc are about to head to the chrome platers. I'm also getting the frame re zinc plated so everything is back to New condition.

      I had to soak the boiler for about 8 days to remove all scale!

      I'm in the process of ordering all new seals for pistons etc

      One thing I have just noticed when stripping the lever parts was that both the main piston shafts have bent the threaded end where it screws into the bearing fork. Is this a common kind of issue? I've never heard of it before, so it made me wonder if the mobile coffee van it was in, had a crash and bent both the levers!
      I'll machine up 2 new "spears" to remedy the issue.


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        Any photos?


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          I'll try! I'm quite gutted about the low quality of my photos that I've taken using my phone, so sorry if they are a bit grainy.


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            Here are a few showing it in various states of undress. most of the photos I've taken are just for purposes of refitting back together so apologies for that.
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              And here are the newly powdercoated panels.
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                Hey - nice colour! I'm refurbishing a monster 4 group Wega Sphera and might do red too.


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                  The red looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing more as you progress with the rebuild.


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                    Originally posted by 260zman View Post
                    What is a gas machine like in terms of legality with burning flame in a vehicle?!
                    I'd see that as a recipe for carbon monoxide poisoning and/or premature death. Gas is fine if appropriately complianced and used outdoors.