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    Hi there!
    Finally got my Carimali Beta E2 installed.
    20 A powerpoints. checked
    Water line with secondary Everpure filter. checked
    Drain. checked
    My kitchen looks like a coffee shop now ...

    Everything works fine. Heats up quick, steam is strong, coffee ok ... still working on it.
    One thing concerns me though. The water level is very low just on the minimum.
    The little window showing the level is about 80 mm long and the level is right on the lower edge.

    It cycles through ok, that is. If I press the hot water and let it run for a while, the pump kicks in and refills. I have done this several times with a bucket under the drain to check volume and must have used up 20 litres of water ... so, what I was concerned with before that I don't have much water pressure is not the issue.
    is it possible that the sensor is too low?
    If I have such low volume of water in the boiler, the temperature and the pressure would go down very quick after a few brew, because it has very little residual heat ... (?)
    Your reply is appreciated.
    Can someone explain to me the following.
    What gives the pressure on this kind of machines? I know the little Sunbeam I have has a vibrating pump that give the pressure for the head directly. So the gage on the Sunbeam varies according to how you pack the grind and the grind itself, coarse no pressure fine too much.
    Whit the big one, there is a pressure gage that goes up as the boiler heats up. If I make a coffee, the hot water coming out of the head and through the coffee grind, gets the pressure from the steam trapped in the boiler, and so the pressure in the head has no relation to the pump itself since it does not necessarily kick in when I make just the one cup.
    So now what is the point of regulating the pressure on the pump if the pump all it does is refill water into the boiler?

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    PS 5 days later
    What I have since learned ... not thanks to you unfortunately ...
    The pump does provide pressure to the head. Kicks in every time. The gauge i have is for steam pressure.
    And also that I can lift the water sensor to increase the volume of water in the boiler.
    Maybe someone feels inclined to drop a few pearls of wisdom as to how to do this. Just drop in the mud in front of this swine.
    Oh ... and I have also learned how to do a pressure test on a 3 lug handle ... yes again on my own.
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