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New sanremo zoe setup.

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  • New sanremo zoe setup.

    Hi. New to this forum. I recently bought a new 2 group sanremo zoe. Any advice on initial setup and running water in for the first time. Does the water need to be drained at the end of the days use? Going to use it for mobile application. Thinking of putting an on demand pump to it rather than just drawing up from container.

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    Welcome "Trunker2774"....

    Your vendor can't help you out with all of this info?



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      If you do run it out of a container fit a check valve on the end of the pick up. When you switch containers (or accidentally run the container dry - and you will) the line feeding the pump will stay primed. Cavitation causes the pump to be very grumpy and the PTFE vanes may melt. This is not healthy for your pump's pumping action. The vane pump is not repairable. Do not drain your Zoe's boiler at night. Do dispense a couple of litres of hot water from the tea tap prior to shut down at the end of the day and allow the pump to refill the boiler with fresh water. Try not to close the steam valves firmly - they last longer and your wrist will too if you close them lightly.