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  • Faema E98/S-1

    Hi Guys,

    I recently won this machine as a prize however I don't drink coffee

    Can anyone please give me an indication of a fair price for this machine new?

    I'm in Melbourne
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      So whats it worth?


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        What? You won a Faema E98? You lucky bastard. Google should tell you what these go for new. As far as selling a new machine privately its worth whatever people are prepared to pay for it. I don't think there's a rule against it but members are generally reluctant to give price indications on equipment on the forum. There's a variety of reasons, but the simplest one is that they don't want to get it wrong or pre-empt an impending sale. That being said I don't think you'll have a problem selling it, and for a reasonable amount.


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          Yeah I won it today, its a shame I don't drink coffee or have space for such a machine.

          I've seen other Member's sell machines on here so I was hoping I'd get an indication.

          Google says $2k new but I don't really know about the interest coffee machines

          Can I sell the machine on this forum?


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            New they cost well over $2k, I think. Harder to price now because you don't see them retail these days. If it comes with warranty and two group handles etc I'd ask for about $2k ono. What response you get I don't know.

            They're not beautiful but they're well spec-ed and capable (despite the thread title in the link above). There's plenty of Faema enthusiasts around.


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              Thanks for the reply, I'll have to check on Wednesday when I pick it up about the group handles (hopefully it shows on the box cause I'd rather not open it)

              As for warranty I really don't know as its a prize but I'd imagine it still has one

              I'm not sure where the best place to advertise it would be


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                Normally I'd say right here on CS but the Faema is a bit on the commercial side. Nonetheless CS would be a good place to start.


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                  Thanks heaps for the infor.

                  All I got told is that its a Faema E98-1 Espresso Machine RRP $2000

                  Once I pick it up ill list it on CS and hopefully get a response


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                    Originally posted by saitken View Post

                    Once I pick it up ill list it on CS
                    Have fun. Just one fly in the ointment, - need to have been a member for two weeks


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                      Hi All,

                      Sorry I'm a newbie but what is CS?



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                        Originally posted by wongfamily View Post
                        Sorry I'm a newbie but what is CS?
                        G'day Art...

                        CoffeeSnobs mate...



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                          I bought a 2nd hand in good working but not perfect cosmetic condition with a tamper and basket for $1500 on here a couple of years ago if that helps. Still makes a great coffee.


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                            "...if that helps"

                            Possibly not - I think saitken has already sold and is probably gone from this forum for some time...