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E61 group head machine servicing costs

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  • E61 group head machine servicing costs

    Hi all,

    I recently took my machine (fits into this forum category (i.e., >$3000) in for its first service. The machine was well overdue for a service (probably 2-2.5 years old) - but had not experienced any significant problems with it.

    Replaced group lever closing valve assembly (brew and infusion), group outlet valve and group seal. Everything else was standard servicing stuff. Apparently there was a significant build up of scale to be cleaned (boiler not yet descaled).

    I would love to know your price expectations for this type of service (feel free to provide a range). I'll let you know the magic cost after a few responses have been posted.

    Can't wait for peoples responses.

    scottydog. Woof

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    Interesting post Scotty.

    From Dodgy Bros., expect to pay $100. They'll tell you they did a whole heap of stuff they didn't and the change then group seal.

    To do the above job properly- completely pull down and service valves, wands and group before attending to other incidentals that need doing, there's an easy couple of hours labour in it before you attend to the other stuff that might need doing and then clean the machine.

    I know of companies charging up to $150 p/h for labour (we don't), so you can start estimating from there.

    As is often the case, you'll probably receive something which approximates what you paid for...



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      I'd be guessing (based on our charges and parts costs) that a reasonable all-up cost would be around $250 to $300 (inc GST) if delivered to the workshop, and about $100 more to include the call out fee if done on site.


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        If the machine is dropped off I charge $95.00 p/h and that's a 2-2.50 hour job for me (unless there are other issues).


        Rebuild and clean group which includes seals and new springs for the exhaust and inlet valves; mushroom etc. (if needed).

        Check cam for wear. Check microswitch and apply T-29

        Clean H2O level probe

        Check p/stat function and clean contacts. Terminate and tin ends/terminals if corroded at p/stat and/or h.e. heat shrink tube and T-29. If this is really ugly I charge extra $50.00

        Commercial back flush and scrub under group seal with Pulycaff and a 3M green pad. Nice and clean. Install new seal and packer(s) if required. Replace diffuser screen if required; otherwise soak it in hot water and Puly.

        New resin filter (or soak yours in a luxurious pink Himalayan salt bath. I'm serious (don't know how else to get rid of it - we don't eat it).

        Tighten rattles and loose screws; bolts. Clean dead cockroaches out. Rebuild steam and hot water valves and wands (extra for seals; gaskets; etc.). Replace or rebuild anti vac valve. Safety valve if needed (extra $30.00).

        Test pump pressure and set bypass or OPV

        Exterior clean; tighten those god-awful, cheap-ass legs most machines have. Sometimes I just Loctite 'em.

        De scale: not a big fan but will if necessary - extra $15.00 for solution.

        Insulation test with Megger and earth leakage test.

        Run up and pull some shots. Check for leaks. Turn off. Cool down. Tighten any new, screw set terminals; start up again. Confirm good p/stat function. Let it sit on the bench and adjust to new settings/adjustments.


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          I have to ask.. are you using a filter? and if not.. why not? You can really save yourself a lot of headache down the track.


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            Sounds like a pro job for a full service would be close to $300-$500.

            I recently spent just under $100 getting infusion, brew and exhaust valve assemblies and gaskets from coffeeparts and spent about 1 hour (not rushing and following Utube instruction) changing over infusion and exhaust valves (forgot to purchase 2 brew gaskets so this job was put off until another time). I was more than happy to pay for full valve assemblies to ensure the morning coffee was not at risk plus this was the first time the group (ECM E61) had been stripped down in over 8 years so I did not know what to expect. As it turned out, part changeover was easy. If I bought the wearing parts only cost would be less than half.