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Rocket R58 water filtration set up (plumbed in)

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  • Rocket R58 water filtration set up (plumbed in)

    Hi guys,

    Read a little on water filtration on a few threads here....

    They all seem to get a little out of hand and not quite my machine / not plumbed in.

    I have built a new kitchen and I am after a low maintenance, not overly expensive water filtration system for my Rocket R58 (Plumbed in) and my ice maker / cool water in the fridge.

    I don't really want a science degree in H20 but your feed back / knowledge would be much appreciated.

    P.S. also any information about Plumbing up the machine would also be fantastic.

    Kind regards,


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    i have had mine plumbed in since day 1.
    I just purchased the brita c150 kit which comes with a tap and a connection straight to the machine with a tap to turn the water to machine off if need be.

    Plumbing in the r58 is very easy, filter straight to the machine, and drain hose from your tray to you sinks plumping for waste.

    the initial cost of the kit is around $430 and replacement filters are around $120

    I like this kit as you can bypass your sinks tap, not wasting filtered water washing dishes

    Got mine from Chris at talk coffee... even took a water sample and he told me what the best setting was for me
    Shoot him off a pm or email, he is very helpful and can give you some more advice to suit your needs


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      +1 on the C150 kit. I have mine connected to a dedicated tap on my sink (the one which comes with the kit) and fill from there. Unfortunately there's no easy way for me to plum in my Alex DII short of major surgery to my kitchen. Got mine from Bombora.


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        Hi Josh,
        I removed the fridge filter and pumped the C150 into the fridge. I took a T off this line to the coffee machine. I did it myself and it was very easy to do. The bypass is set to 30% after some really helpful advice and water testing by the guys at Bombora (sponsors)
        On testing the water from filter and unfiltered tap water, and an average use of 4-5 litres per day they calculated I should change filters every 10 - 11 months. I used to do it annually
        I hope this helps
        Dr Dave


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          Don't think that Bombora are Site Sponsors any longer unfortunately...