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  • Leone BV 2 Group

    Hello All,

    Long time reader first time poster here, hopefully I have this in the right section. I've done a search but cant find anything model specific for my question.

    I have just bought an old Leone BV 2 Group machine to use in a trailer setup.
    I havent had the chance to plug it all in yet (waiting on my mate to come run a 15amp socket to the garage) but the old owner said that when you pressed a button for a shot, the time it would pump would fluctuate, giving you sometimes only half a shot, a double or sometimes it worked well, so he mainly used the machine manually.

    I am going to tear the machine down and give it all a good clean up, but was wondering what potential causes there are for this so I may be able to repair/replace specific parts

    I thank you in advance for any hints or tips


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    Water Pump without mains pressure

    Hey all,

    another question, the machine I have uses an external pump (ideal as its for a mobile setup, lets me run things how I want).

    My question is, do these pumps normally work by sucking in water and pumping it to the machine? Or will it need mains pressure?

    I guess what I really want to know is can i submerge a pickup into a water tank and let the pump do its thing, or will I need something like a FloJet pump hooked up to a water bottle, plumbed into the inlet on my water pump?

    thanks in advance


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      coffee machine,two group.

      Welcome along to the faithful coffee believers,yes to both options,either just drawn with the suction of the external pump or supplemented by your additional (12volt or 240volt) tank pump,remembering to also insure a suitable inline checkvalve/one way valve is included.No end of trouble ensures when this part is can read of many instances,both here and elsewhere.
      You mention ,your mate was going to install a 15amp socket,are you intending to set up your machine as 15amp or the more usual 10amp,possibly have to consider dropping some boiler connections to achieve 10amp current ,if presently a heavy current draw.
      Anyway,good luck with your venture...always good hearing about peoples adventures with fiddling about coffee machines and the like.


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        thanks for confirming Mick!

        I didnt want to plug everything in and run the pump dry haha.
        That would now allow me to make my own stainless steel water tank for the bottom of the trailer and have a fitting on the bottom of it which the pump is plumbed straight into!

        I've taken the covers off last night but it got a bit late, I'll hopefully work out how to unplug a boiler connection to bring it down to 10amp or lower.
        i only want it to be able to be tested on my work bench, once installed in its final resting place it'll have an inverter generator supply ample power