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  • Running less elements

    Hi guys

    I'm new to the whole pro coffee machine setup.

    I've got a leone bv 2 group machine and want to run one less element to be able to use a 10 amp socket safely.
    Issue is I have no idea what to look for.
    Does anyone have any work instructions or images? I'm slightly proficient with electrical stuff but don't want to disconnect something I shouldn't be haha



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    Click image for larger version

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      Yes (normal caveats apply).

      This is my personal project: I ran up a 4 group single-phase, 25amp CMA with a 6kW element that was jumped (3 poles phase; 3 poles common).

      Remove jumpers. Determine continuity from one pole to another. Attach phase and common (these are sloppy but I only need to run this monster up three times to full steam - 1.2 bar in this case to test).

      I made up a standard 10amp plug that came off a dead domestic machine and, as depicted, attached to a terminal block.

      Stand clear of conducting material and turn on.

      So ... the 6kW 6 pole element hobbled to 2 poles like so soaked 9.85amps/2.4kW @ 240VAC (about 24.5 Ohms).

      Perfectly fine to test (test only).

      For your safety, and possibly my ass, Do not attempt this without a RESIDENTIAL RCD OR PORTABLE RCD.

      Please PM me for details or the forum will (burn me) chip in with other pointers.


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        Oh ... post images of your BV's internal pstat/element set up for us to look please!


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          Personally, I believe that if you need to ask these sorts of questions, you should be employing the services of a licensed and qualified person to do the work for you.

          Very rarely get second chances with 240V AC...



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            ... and Mal is perfectly correct. But if you're unable to find someone to do this who's qualified, it is possible. If you are located anywhere near a sponsor or a service centre I highly recommend you take the machine in as there may be other issues to address.


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              Oh god I feel stupid. I've attached the pic found the element I wasn't even looking at it haha
              All good now


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                Originally posted by BeansForYou View Post
                Oh god I feel stupid. I've attached the pic found the element I wasn't even looking at it haha
                All good now
                I assume you mean you figured it out, but if not:

                1. Remove two lower spade terminals.
                2. Secure safely away from the boiler, chassis or terminals
                3. Done


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                  Yep capped them off. Out of time to try it out tonight. Will run down to bunnings to make a 15 - 10 amp adapter. Machine needs a good clean and might be able to pull a coffee tomorrow


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                    15A to 10A adapter you say?

                    But seriously don't do that.........


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                      Will be making sure it doesn't draw more than the 10 amps.
                      It's only for cleaning not for regular usage.
                      It'll be plugged into a gpo running on its own 16 amp rcb in the garage


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                        Lol! I've see it done - right in front of my eyes. Couldn't believe it.


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                          I've also witnessed the resultant damage caused when the "handyman" forgot about his modification (on a welder), and nearly burnt his garage down. Many years ago but I'm sure this sort of "accident" still happens today....

                          Don't let your Insurance Company discover what you have done if the need for a claim ever eventuates. They have ways of discovering these sorts of things though...



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                            hey guys i am still alive! haha, i reduced the element, which brought the machine down to 7.5amp. I only wanted to make sure it turns on and my mate finished a job early yesterday so he came out and fitted off a new 15amp socket in the garage for me (yes he is certified)

                            thanks for the help guys