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  • Blocked Group Jet?

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ID:	758175Hi All,

    Fired up my machine yesterday (had my mate run a 15amp socket for me, so i still have a house )
    Boiler heats up, steam wands work, i can make a nice hot cuppa tea, but no water comes out of the group heads. damn i thought, dud machine.

    now, i press the manual button, pump activates, and i go to around 10 to 11 bar of pressure, should be 9 i thought. that would indicate a blockage somewhere.

    I just found a break down of what my grouphead look like, and wanted to ask, would group jets be what normally block up?

    The part that has an arrow, i removed the plug and there was water in there, which was boiling hot. i thought this might only be where the water circulated to heat the grouphead, but seeing as there is a group jet, I am now second guessing myself and think that might be blocked.

    am i on the right track here?


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    You should be able to check and clean the jet quite easily.

    Do you know if your group solenoid valve is working?


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      I did not even think that there was the jet there!
      I am so hoping thats what it is, because i was scratching my head all day trying to work it out.

      solenoid is working, you hear the click and i also pulled it apart and cleaned it all yesterday



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        Originally posted by BFY View Post
        go to around 10 to 11 bar of pressure, should be 9 i thought. that would indicate a blockage somewhere.
        G'day mate...

        Whereabouts are you measuring that pressure?
        If just going by the front panel pressure gauge, then there is probably nothing wrong given that the pressure gauge feed line is upstream of the Group and will indicate a higher pressure than that delivered to the top of the coffee puck...



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          Hello again,one of my previous machines (3 group S26) had similar behaviour to what you have described.
          Everything appeared to function except water at any of the groups.I eventually checked the flow meters and found (fine orifice) completely blocked (all three),this was an older machine from a pub that wasn't looked after properly.
          I completely stripped and cleared/cleaned all three and have had water flowing ever since,not sure what type machine your machine is (volumetric or manual).
          It's tough having a coffee machine that won't deliver water.....hope it's something simple and easy fix,mine was.


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            Both flowmeter inlets are usual suspects (inlet jets are pinhole - like the gicleurs in the group heads).

            1) Check group screens and jets - easy place to start. If they're scaled soak in descale solution.

            2) If the groups are OK turn off mains water (if on mains). Unscrew three top screws from each flowmeter and remove top/field. Remove impellers. Place thick towel under front of machine under flowmeters. Turn on mains and if clear, water should squirt out of inlets on mains pressure. If not you can run a thin wire into the inlet although I usually disconnect the inlet supply and go through the inlet into the flowmeter body.


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              Oops! Turn off mains before you open the group caps. De steam and turn off machine. Let it cool down too.


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                If there's water in the groups your flowmeters are working. Remove diffuser screens and see if they're clean. It's a good bet the group screens and jets are plugged.