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Tell me about your Lever/Leva Machine

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  • Tell me about your Lever/Leva Machine

    Hi All,

    After having my trusty Expobar Minore for more than five years I have to admit I'm looking at getting something else. I have been looking at the Izzo and Rockets R58. On top of this I have done some brief reading on Leva/lever machines and wish to hear from anyone who has one to tell me why they have one and why or why not they wouldnt go back to a none lever machine. For example I look at the Izzo Alex duetto and compare to the Izzo Alex leva and wonder what the difference between they two I could expect to find.

    The bottom line Im thinking about a Leva machine, but would love to hear from those who have one or have had one on the whys and why nots.



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    Hi Chris,

    Why not come have a play? The three you refer to sit side by side on our bench.

    Rather than considering 2nd hand opinions, you can come to your own

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      Will endevour to pop in on the weekend. I must admit seeing the one at your shop made me start thinking about them sometime ago.44



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        Why not's? ...None.

        Why's? ....... Plenty.

        Sublime coffee, quiet, ease of use, Zen relationship with the process and the LSM lever is just pure coffee p%$& on the bench.

        Coffee poetry.


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          Hi Chris,
          I changed from a Duetto 2 to an Alex Leva and could not be happier
          I echo all of Choki's thoughts
          Simple, quiet, low maintenance and superb coffee repeatedly - whats not to like?
          I have found it really easy to make superb shots and my ratio of great:good shots has gone up since owning the Leva
          Good luck with decision