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  • My new machine - Rancilio

    Heya all

    I posted a while back I bought a Leone bv coffee machine. Well turns out it is too much work for me to fix so I luckily found another machine. This time it was plumbed in and working in a cafe before I bought it (smart move right)

    It's a 2 group Rancilio machine.

    It says mocopan on the back so I'm guessing that's the model? Tying to find info so I can replace the group head seal (which I bought for the other machine) as one of the group heads leaks a little water from the top when under pressure plus it's a bit dirty under there

    Hope you like my little temporary pantry setup

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    That is sweet. I'm on the hunt for something I can plumb in at home as well. I don't have enough room for that sort of set up though.


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      Originally posted by BFY View Post
      It says mocopan on the back so I'm guessing that's the model?
      No- it means it was supplied by Mocopan (coffee) who were the importer of Rancilio at the time this machine arrived in Australia.

      Looks like it might date back to the 70's or 80's to me.


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        Really? Didn't think it was that old looks immac haha sweet I love old machines


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          Depending on how wide the machine is (hard to tell from the picture exactly) it's either a Rancilio S20 Tecna DE (if 660mm wide) or Rancilio S20 System 2/DE (if 780mm wide).
          Not that there's much actual internal difference between the two models. There's basically only one type of group seal (and group shower) for Rancilios that fits every Rancilio model, so identifying the right part to order is not a problem.

          Also, that grinder, while labelled Promac, is actually a Rancilio grinder (most likely an MD50, by the looks of it). Promac machines are basically Rancilio designs built under licence, and I think the grinders are actually bought from Rancilio with Promac badges fitted. Chances are it will have a sticker underneath with the model code on it, if you ever need to identify what burrs to order for it.


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            Wow talk about knowledge! Well it's 780mm wide I know that for a fact as I had to measure before installing it.
            Did not know that about the grinder so thanks.

            Really happy with the set up I'll do some research on how to change the seals it shouldn't be hard I would assume.

            Many thanks


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              In saying the similarity of group heads would that mean I can use the group seals for a Silvia? I've got part number 700501 from coffee parts for my old machine and screens 700163


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