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  • Advice for new machine and grinder


    We are first time coffee machine buyers coming from a Nepresso Pod Machine and hoping to get some advice on what coffee machine plus grinder to buy. At this stage not looking to plumb the coffee machine in but may look to do this in the future.

    We do on average 2 - 4 coffees (cappuccinos mainly) a day with maybe more on the weekend. Trying to go for a more top end machine at the start so don't look to upgrade in a few years time. Will also look to go to some barista courses so can get to know how to properly use the machine / grinder / etc.

    The coffee machines we are looking at are one of the following:
    • Rocket R58 Double Boiler
    • Profitec Pro 700 Double Boiler

    Out of the above machines what are the main differences besides the R58 having the PID as external and the Profitec 700 having a shot timer? Is there any particular reason to have one or the other? What length of time from turning on can a coffee be made?

    For a grinder looking at the following:
    • Mazzer Mini Electronic Mod A (Have heard not as fast and not as good as the Macap M4D?)
    • Macap M4D
    • Profitec T64

    Does anyone have any particular preference or thoughts on the above grinders?

    As a side matter , I am getting a bit confused about all the information on water filtering / softening. We are in Adelaide and was wondering what most people have done who live in Adelaide to ensure good water for their machines? Just normal filtering - ie Brita C150 kit? Could we just use bottled water until we get one installed?

    Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated



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    Welcome Tracy...

    I would suggest that you should do yourself a very BIG favour, by visiting one or more of our very reputable Site Sponsors. They will have several different machines of the type you have listed on display, and you could then get some hands on experience using them. Best way to make such an important decision...



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      Hi Mal

      Biggest problem in Adelaide is from what I can see most of the sponsers are not located here in addition the places I have been to only have very limited stock as well.

      Luckily I am travelling to Sydney next weekend and have booked in a session at Di Bartoli. Maybe should go to Jet Black Expresso as well if we have time



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        Hi Tracy,

        Just wondering whether you've considered the Alex Duetto as well. It would definitely be a contender with the two you've mentioned. All of them would have about a 30 minute warm up time to get the e61 group up to temperature.

        Out of the grinders I would go for the M4D based on specs, price and great reviews. Another indicator is that you rarely see them for sale secondhand as their owners are generally pretty satisfied.

        Good luck with the upcoming purchase - you won't regret it!

        Cheers, Dave


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          All good machines. Agreed that the Duetto is well worth including in the short list.

          Mini-E for me is one of the worst bang for buck grinders available. The M4D blows it comprehensively into the weeds.

          Water? If your hardness is <100ppm and TDS is under 250ppm, the new Brita C150 finest will be ok.

          If you're over that, it's RO or bottled I'm afraid... Filtration | Talk Coffee may assist.

          FWIW, we find our R58 required circa 30 min to be ready to roll. The Duetto comes up in 20 min. I have no hands on with the Profitec, so am unable to comment on that one. Jetblack will be able to provide warmup info for it.


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            Thanks - will add in the Duetto to our short list

            Will need to do a test on our Water to see the results and go from there. In the interim could just use bottled water. What about Rainwater from our Rainwater tank?


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              If you can fit it into your schedule when in Sydney, it would definitely be to your advantage to try and get into both Di Bartoli and JetBlack if possible. Both are excellent and highly reputable people with a slightly different slant on the machines/grinders available. All are great though...



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                I just received a Bezzera Mitica Top and I'm absolutely blown away by the machine, its looks and the quality.

                It can be plumbed, or you can use the refill tank, up to you.

                It is a very good bang for the buck machine, while having all the top quality parts on it.


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                  A grinder is just as important as an espresso machine, maybe even more so. Bigger doesn't mean better, but there is a pretty good correllation. Grinders are workhorses, so if you can live with secondhand try that.


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                    Well we went and saw Renzo and Ofra at DiBartoli Bondi Junction NSW. They were great and really helped with our decision

                    a Profitec Pro700 and Profitec Pro T64 is now on its way to Adelaide and we can not wait to start making some great coffees - although that could be a while away as we get our technique right!!


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                      Well done Tracy....

                      That's a pretty serious piece of kit and will give you years of superlative coffee enjoyment.
                      Great stuff...