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Profitec 700 Pro - Wollongong vendor?

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  • Profitec 700 Pro - Wollongong vendor?

    [ Note: I originally posted this in the "pointy end" forum, but then realised the price is over the top end there. Is it just bracket creep that this machine sits in the "extreme machines" category? It's certainly not a speedster ]

    Hi all,
    I've been a lurker on CS for years, but never needed to post, as there are plenty of experts, and I haven't needed to ask anything (mainly because I haven't been able to afford the kind of gear I would really like )

    Well all that's changed, as I am now (after way too many hours of research) in the market for a Profitec 700 Pro. I can see some good prices online, including some Christmas pricing with free delivery ($3,879.00) from Sydney, but if I ever wanted to take it in for a service or assistance with calibration a drive to Sydney during business hours is not my idea of a good time.


    Does anyone know of pointy end espresso machine vendors in wollongong who would carry (or could get for me) the said object of desire?

    Alternatively, do any of the online vendors who frequent these forums have advice on how they've worked with customers for setup assistance / calibration etc who are a bit too far from where they are?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Xcapee,

    There isn't a Wollongong Profitec dealer at the moment. Most of our Wollongong customers who work during the week would book their machines in for a Saturday drop off or service at our Frenchs Forest workshop. Failing that, we have a service agent network and we could advise the most convenient when servicing is due,



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      Thanks Charlie - much appreciated. And thanks for your assistance on the phone!