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Giotto R58. An upgrade. Questions

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  • Giotto R58. An upgrade. Questions

    I am on the edge of purchasing an R58 (week or so)
    There have been a number of positive comments but that was some time ago. It will be paired with a Mazzer Kony-e. Have any CS purchased one recently? I am jumping up from a Rocket Premium. I notice that some R58s have a PID box with the buttons on the side and some with buttons below the read out. It suggests that there has been a minor upgrade recently. I have looked at some YouTube reviews and they look good. So do I wait for a new shipment?
    I am in WA, here we only have one outlet so I want to do my homework. I am not limited to that source. The old Rocket Premium came from Melbourne.
    I would appreciate any comments as this is a serious jump.

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    I imagine that this would be the current available model mate...
    Rocket Espresso R58 V2 AUS | Talk Coffee



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      Hi David,

      2 different PID boxes running identical software and display. Both IMHO have a face only a mother could love but the bonus is that the controller doesn't need to be on the machine once you have set it.

      All Australian R58 machines are V2AUS and the carton and documents will confirm that. If not, it's grey import. FWIW, all our stock is most current configuration.



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        Deal done with reputable company who have been fixing our 'puddling premium'