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Advice: how to prepare an e61 for shipping

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  • Advice: how to prepare an e61 for shipping


    We're packing up the house and moving and I want to ship my Rocket Evo v2. I'll put it on a pallet and pack it in the original box, but was wondering if there's anything else I need to do to ensure the best chance it'll arrive at the other end in good condition.

    I've done a few upgrades in the past and the last Giotto I owned wound up leaking everywhere en route. To be fair, there's a possibility that the hot water knob or steam knob was left open, but that's such a rookie error that I wondered whether there was something else that happened, that I could've prevented if I'd prepared it properly.
    Could I/should I drain the machine? If so, how?

    Any tips? Is it just a matter of cleaning everything as normal, packing and securing to the pallet and hope for the best?
    I've had a trawl through the forum looking for info on this but didn't have any luck. Apologies if it's been covered.
    Thanks for any advice!

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    The first thing I'd do would be to empty the machine of all water. An easy way to make sure there's no water leakages during shipping.

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      Hi there,

      Maybe you could watch this vid to drain the boiler of the machine prior shipping


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        The manual says something like: bring machine to operating temperature. Turn off and unplug. Open the hot water tap and let the water out. (If you want tilt the Evo on its side a bit) the steam pressure will almost if not completely empty the boiler. Remove and empty the reservoir. Pack loose parts separately.


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          Thanks to each of you for the tips. dumiya, you mention "Remove and empty the reservoir. Pack loose parts separately" That's the first time I've seen removing the actual reservoir. I'd have thought this is more inclined to create, rather than avoid problems. Can you tell me a bit more about this - I mean, why go to this length, rather than simply draining the reservoir? Thanks.


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            GMG, remove the reservoir that you fill (the cold water container that you lift out) so you can completely empty it. I am sorry that I was not clear and neglected the next step - once it is empty put it back into the machine.