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How does the water filling valve unit works on a Faema E87- S87

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  • How does the water filling valve unit works on a Faema E87- S87

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently rebuilding a Faema E 87 S87 which has been totally disassembled. I fired it up yesterday and it seems there's a problem on the water filling valve unit ( after the rotary Pump). If someone could explain me or send me a link where I could understand the normal way this unit should run, I will be able to find why it doesn't work properly on my machine.

    Thank's in advance

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    Hello and welcome along,I had a quick search for Faema E87-S87,there's so much to choose from I wasn't sure where to start first,worth checking first.
    I've got several commercial machines humming along nicely now,most were in reasonable order however,a few were in a very dodgy state.
    Best to confirm the pumps actually working correctly so as to cross it off your troubleshooting list and work your way along the hydraulic pathway for faults as found.
    Please keep readers updated as you proceed,thanks.


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      Sorry for the delay, I was away for a couple of days. I didn't check the machine again but I will try to explain better where the problem is ;

      Everything seems to work fine except for this unit:


      When one group is activated, the pump starts and water goes through so the rotary pump is ok. The problem comes from this unit where water flows through the green pipe to the waste basket. If you could explain me how this unit is supposed to work I will be able to understand what is wrong. On the picture the tube which goes to the pump is removed, no need to mention that...

      Thank you


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        In fact, the problem is clearly located on the water filling unit, please see picture below ;


        When I activate the group, the rotary pump switch on, the pressure is around 9 bar, but it's not really steady I don't know why. Regarding the pressure I have to explain that I tried to set it via the double screw on pump itself but it was without effect, the pressure was around 12 bar... Then I triy the same setting on the unit of the picture above, on the bottom of the image there is the same kind of mecanism with a double screw, I rotate this one and the pressure went down to 9 bar. Maybe I have to retune it with the pump, I don't know.

        Anyway, it's not the real problem, when I activate the group, the rotary pump starts and then there is water going through the "exhaust pipe" with the green tube on the picture flowing constantly until the group is switeched off again.

        The point is that I don't really understand the way it this unit should work, so it's kind of difficult for me to find the problem. I understand more or less that this unit is supposed to let water flowing through the pump to let the boiler full when one group is activated...

        On the picture I removed the tube which goes to the pump, don't need to specify that I should connect it before trying again..

        Thank you


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          It's been years since I had my Faema Express but I found this diagram. You may already know everything on here but if not it could be some use. I'd be looking at the solenoid or something inside the mechanism which is holding the outlet open when it should be closed.

          Some of this diagram doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me now, but it was eight years ago I made it so I guess the memory's a bit rusty!

          Good luck!
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