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    Big Fan,

    I haven't owned an espresso machine for a few years so am still finding my feet but its amazing!

    In the R58 price range there are a few machines to choose from, I must admit my decision was based on aesthetics. The removable PID is a really nice touch. Its a solid bit of kit and is very well put together.

    Thanks to all that post on this forum, I have used the search function extensively in recent months.

    Click image for larger version

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    +1 for me. Got it as part as the May promotion with the Fausto grinder.

    After about 5ltrs of milk training I think I've mastered it's steam. Found that I had to raise the service boiler up a degree or 2. Hope this isn't a bad move.

    I'm finding I can get great pours with it provided my 18g of coffee is super fine (equivalent of about 14 seconds on the Fausto for a double)


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      Well done! It is a beautiful choice. I've had mine for almost a year now and I Love it. You can texture excellent quality microfoam milk with it as long as you learn the sweetspot.


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        Originally posted by nickm View Post

        I'm finding I can get great pours with it provided my 18g of coffee is super fine (equivalent of about 14 seconds on the Fausto for a double)
        Hi nickm,

        Have you tried using different beans to see if you still need to grind as fine? I rarely ever have to go to a very fine grind. I prefer to dose a gram or 2 higher in my 18g vst basket and go courser in order to balance out the flavour of the shot.


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          Congrats Nick,

          Make sure you check out ECA's sponsor post as well in the hope of adding some freebies to your gear

          No problems to up the service boiler temp. I use and like 125 deg.

          Re milk texture. Melbourne CS'ers are always welcome to make contact and pop in for a quick 5 min tute. It really is that easy when you don't fight the machine.They're a fantastic combo and ours have been running out the door- to make for an extremely busy week.

          For those interested, we have some left, but I can't see the offer making it through to the end of the month.




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            Thanks Chris for the offer. With the milk I believe I was fighting the machine or trying to do too much with it, I was over complicating it. This morning I barely did a think, just had the tip below the milk until the milk was hot and then submerged the wand. It was so easy and the milk came out so velvety.

            I highly recommend the machine and grinder combo and the customer service from Talk Coffee.


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              I too fought the macine when I first started steaming with nowhere. It was because I had gotten used to the steam wand position on my last machine. As soon as I stopped being stubborn, beautiful steamed milk


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                Yes, R58 steaming is quite different. I use a R58 at home and a Giotto V2 at work. The steaming is very different but the results from both are super good.