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!! HELP Please ... With new Rocket R58 not brewing :(

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  • !! HELP Please ... With new Rocket R58 not brewing :(

    Help please,

    I just got my new baby home, a Rocket R58 (2.5 years old from another coffee-snob on the sales forum)

    It's just been serviced by Talk Coffee, so I'm sure it's just something dumb I am missing.

    I was running through the setup as per the manual, (tank for now, planning to plumb it in a few weeks) but I have hit a road-block...

    Steam and hot water work fine, but when I lift the brew lever, the pump won't activate, and the brew gauge dove from the green zone to zero instantly. A small amount of water seeped / drained out slowly in the 30 seconds I waited for the pump to start. I then moved the lever down and back up a few times, and can hear the click of the new rocker switch Talk Coffee installed, but no pump action.

    The pump does however work to refill the other boiler after steam or hot water.

    My last machine was a Giotto, so I'm pretty sure I'm using the lever correctly.

    Any ideas?

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    OK! Crisis averted!!
    I had tried a few power cycles before to no avail, but this time I let it cool down for a good 30 mins, and started again.

    This time it works flawlessly!

    What a beautiful machine ... So quiet compared to the vibe pumps I'm used to.

    I turned it off


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      I am curious to know why this happened. I have a R58 and did not experience this when I set it up. Good to hear you are up and running. I think they are a fantastic machine. We are very happy with ours.

      P.S. You may have to relearn the angle of the steam wand. I find it quite different from the HX Giotto.


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        Might be the pump brew switch that is activated by the brew lever?