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Issue with Rocket Giotto Pump!

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  • Issue with Rocket Giotto Pump!

    Hi guys, I've had my Rocket Evo v2 for over 1 year now, bought brand new never had any issues with the machine.

    I regularly black flush and always makes sure to properly flush steam wand, and am very careful in general.

    This morning went to top up the water tank, and then when I went to pull a shot, the pump started but then immediately stopped. I Was confused and took the portafilter out and went to look at the grouphead and then pulled the lever again, same thing, i hear the pump start but then it immediately stops, and the green light blinks twice and then goes solid again.

    I turned it off immediately, and went to read the manual couldn't see any error code for 2 flashes then solid.

    I did observe the pressure gauge the second time around as well and noticed it flicked up very slightly then fell down as the pump stopped.

    Boiler pressure was good and steam production was fine, I'm assuming it is a pump issue but i don't what's causing it!

    Any help will be much appreciated! cheers!

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    Why don't you contact the store you bought it from? Being a year old they should help you out.



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      talk coffee is closed atm and I want coffee now hahah! but i will on monday!

      anyone had this prob before? i hope it isn't bad


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        Oh ok, fair enough! Checked the obvious like water full in tank etc?
        Maybe time for an aeropress or plunger as an emergency backup, one can never have enough coffee gadgets.



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          yeah checked that, everything seems to be fine so far.

          Yeah time to get the old french press out! I just much prefer latte's haha!

          She's probably due for a service anyways!



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            Hi Ali,

            Sounds like a water sense issue to me. Anything special about your water?

            At any rate, you are close to service time.




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              Hey Chris, nothing special as far as i know, i'm using filtered water from a Brita jug but have been doing that since owning it.

              Should I empty the tank and re-fill and then try again?

              If not i'll just leave it and get it brought in sometime this week, i'm too scared to hurt my baby!!!



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                Guys, just to conclude this thread, everything was fine. Chris was right, it was a water sense issue, I cleaned the tank, refilled it with water. Back to making the best espresso ever!!!



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                  Many thanks for concluding the thread. Especially so as it had a good ending. Enjoy.

                  Ps. I have noticed if the tank is not properly seated, it is a stiff fit, the valve at the bottom does not open so no water goes into the fitting that has the water sensor. The machine reacts as if there is no water so stops to protect it itself.