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    Hi there everyone,
    I took a risk on an auction and bought an expresso machine (cimbali m28) secondhand with no service history. I have no prior knowledge or experience with these machines.
    I did some research however and began to set it up, where I am situated I can't use tap water, so Im using bottled water (gravity feed). I started up machine and to my surprise she started filling water nicely and then heating was no problem, once pressure dial reached 1.2 bar (in the green) I started checking steam wands and hotwater which all were working fine. But once I pressed the pour buttons I found it wasn't timed, water would flow out of both heads until I pressed the stop button.
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to adjust pour timing on these machines, and recently I found the water pump (i think) starting and stopping erratically.
    Also there seem to be some electrical components missing when I removed the cup tray ontop to look inside.
    There are disconnected wires and the green and red indicators aren't working as they are disconnected too.
    Will this cause problems?
    Will be getting a grinder soon so I can start brewing, hopefully things will be ok.

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    The following works with several La Cimbali volumetric models ,try that and see if you have any success.
    LaCimbali m21plus programming operation
    Hold down the stop button for 10 seconds, should start beeping. Hold down what ever button you want to set. Let go of the button after you have dosed the amount you require for that shot. Press the stop button once and it should be set in to the memory. Hold down the stop button again for 10 seconds to reenter programing.
    Your pump behavior may be due to the probe being dirty with scale,pull it out and give a good clean with emery cloth or even steel wool,that should have some effect.
    Indicators are just that indicate power present,check the connections again and if not light up,you can replace with new neons.
    Hope that's some help.


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      Thanks Mick.
      Will go through with what you suggested.


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        Might be some helpful information contained in the Manual linked to here...

        Or, maybe in one of the other La Cimbali manuals...



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          Thank you Mal