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Looking for Review of the Faema Due 2 Group

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  • Looking for Review of the Faema Due 2 Group

    Hi, I am new to the forum and I am looking for any who has some experience with a Faema due 2 Group.

    I am about to by a second hand one, this one has been branded up in Vittoria coffee logo's and is gold n colour.

    Thanks in advance Brizee

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    Welcome mate...

    A brief search using the Search Tool above, revealed the following link of one CSer's journey with a Faema Due 2-Group...



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      I briefly owned a Faema Due D92/A1, which is a single group. It was an awesome machine and I wouldn't hesitate to look at one again. The only real difference I believe between the Due and the more expensive Faema models like the President is that they don't use an e61 group. It's still a high quality commercial group head, just a little bit lighter than the e61. I've read that the D92 type models were better than the Smart models, but I can't comment on that myself. Let us know how you go with it.


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        Thanks for you help, I did undertake a search but did not find that post, many thanks Mal.

        Thanks LeroyC I did not know about the groups cheers..!


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          Well I didn't end up buying the Faema the price got a bit high so I gave it a miss, but just got a Wega Vela 2 group in bright red looks awesome, I just need to get it from Sydney back to Brisbane, I am super excited...!