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    I am after some advice.
    I have a LM GS3 at home and am looking for another machine for my office.
    I am considering either another GS3 or a Rocket R60. I have tried to do some research on the R60, but perhaps I am not looking in the right places, so apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere (there seems to plenty of youtube reviews, but really looking for direct end user experience).

    Here are my questions:

    How do people think the R60 compares to the GS3? Do you see the GS3 as a significantly better machine or do people see them in the same class/category? I am really interested to see the response on this question. I have always seen the GS3 as a superior machine, but when you look at the specs of the R60 it is also impressive.

    Do people actually use pressure profiling? Or is this feature unlikely to get much use? I understand this will ultimately come down to the user - however there are some features in other machines which sound good in theory, but really never get used in practice.

    Would you pay the $2,000 extra for the R60 over the R58 (i.e. do you think it is worth it?).

    Finally, a tough question to answer, but what do you think the resale value would be on a R60? My personal view is that they will be a tougher sell without a heavy discount, especially with the R58 being so much cheaper. But again keen to see your point of view.

    When I say my office, I don't mean the broader office, just in my office for my own personal use. I understand some of you would recommend other machines, but I am interested in the R60 (for my own reasons) and I am trying to work out whether I stick with LM or go for the R60.

    I guess all these questions are really trying to answer the question of "what do fellow Coffee Snobs users think of the R60". I am trying to work out whether it is worth the circa $6,000 retail price tag.

    Thanks in advance for your input.


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    Many thanks ***** - a very considered response.


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      Hi Faatshank,

      I think that if you're happy with your GS3, an R60V might be overkill for work?

      Pressure profiling- awesome and they can definitely do things a GS3 can't. I can't recall if you're in Melbourne, but you are most welcome to take our demo for a spin. Beside it is a pimped Linea mini- which would also be a brilliant work machine if you have the desire and inclination.

      Realistically, once you're beyond a well tuned HX, everything is in degrees and that assumes that you can regularly hit the bullseye anyway.

      All of your candidates would be great machines. Rocket has build quality and brilliant support from the importers- at a level which I wish we received from competitor brands. LM machines also great build- though I am yet to see a a perfectly finished Linea mini.

      Seems to me you have a wonderful problem and many here would love to be in your position.

      As for suggestions that the R58 is yesterdays hero, I'd recommend a read between the lines there. Yes there are competitor products and I'll bet that for each of the competitors, 5 x R58 get sold Australia wide. Not everybody gets to sell them though. We also sell some competitor products but I won't hard sell any of them over the right machine- be it R58 or anything else for that matter.


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        Thanks Chris, A demo spin seems like a very logical approach. Will call you this week to arrange. I am very grateful for all advice received.


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          Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
          Good idea. I think there might still be an ex-demo Vesuvious that will be keen to meet you.
          Sadly not. The Vesuvius left us a couple of weeks ago... We'll have more after the Italian break...