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Ancient Astoria Rapallo Restoration

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  • Ancient Astoria Rapallo Restoration

    Hi Snobs

    So after some hunting and some email exchanges all over the country I managed to track down an old lever machine after dipping my toes with an old europiccola.
    I'm not really sure how old it is the bloke I bought it off who has been repairing machines for longer than I have been alive said that it is probably around 1957/58 based on a book about classic italian machines (he sent some pics to my phone so ill try post them at some point). If you look on the net namely here and here it has been rebooted by astoria, that UK website claims the reboot is of a 1968 machine, not sure if mine is an early model or it's a 60's unit, either way I'm stoked. The lever and cam assembly is one piece instead of 2 which is V old. I need to rip it down and see if the fork is salvageable and what else is dust. The screws at the top of the piston assembly are extensively rusted and are basically dust

    Her plastic side panels are a little tattered and starting to peel/one of the side ones is chipped, but seeing as its back in production I have half a mind to get the panels from the new production.

    Not sure if I should redo the gas or keep its current rig , probs best to upgrade
    She might need a new pstat but I have half a mind to set up an external PID and use a pressure transducer, but im struggling to find other people who have done this with boilers so temp based could be the way. Anyway dunno how original to keep it or what but Im just going to dump a heap of pic on you guys and you can perv all day long :P

    So without further adieu here she is

    Does this pstat look like a mercury one? Haven't disassembled yet


    So I had been wearing a resp just incase I encountered any old asbestos, not sure if this is or isn't, its rubber in the new assemblies so I thought it could be.

    Fork looks ok from this angle

    Hope you enjoy I'll try to chronicle as much as I can. Next step is bath time

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    Oh wow Ace :-)
    It's condition doesn't actually look too bad.
    I'm sure we will all look forward to this thread as its restoration proceeds.
    Nice buy.


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      This is get comfy and open up the popcorn material. I can't wait to see this old girl given a new lease on life.


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        Ace what a great project, looking forward to the updates.

        Best of Luck


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          An interesting machine, great to look back at the old machines to see the development steps in the new models, looking forward to progress reports,