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  • Wega Two Group Polaris Compact

    Hi Folks

    Looking for some insight from other commercial machine owners or does anyone else have the same machine? I bought this Wega Compact second hand 3 to 4 year old machine about a month ago and over the last couple of weeks when I switch it on in the morning once it reaches operating temp and pressure (according to the pressure gauge) when I then open the steam wand or run a charge through the group-head the pressure gauge drops to zero there is little or no steam or pressure and it then starts to reheat. Once it reheats all appears to be fine but this happens most mornings.

    It is still under warranty so I spoke to the supplier and he said this is normal operation for commercial machines. I have looked though the manual and it says nothing about this being normal behaviour. I have owned three commercial machines (in a domestic setting) and I have never seen this before.

    Has anyone else seen this and is he correct that this is normal behaviour?

    Would appreciate any insights, cheers


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    Hello Doug- Tell you supplier that your machine requires a new anti-vac valve...

    If your machine doesn't have one (god knows why it wouldn't) ask him why not?


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      Hi TC

      Thanks for that information I will let them know, I got the feeling either they did not know what they were talking about or they were trying to get out of fixing it, their solution was turn it on and leave the steam wand open until steam starts to come out then close the steam valve and all will be ok. I said this cant be right, he said in his 20 years of dealing with coffee machines this is common practice.

      I am now doubting his integrity, nothing like a professional operator like yourself. Thanks again very much appreciated.



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        Originally posted by coffeenator View Post
        I said this cant be right, he said in his 20 years of dealing with coffee machines this is common practice.
        Common if his 20 years concluded 20 years ago... The anti-valve has been around for a loooooong time and is designed expressly to overcome this issue.

        Thanks for your kind words Doug.