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Changing boiler size?

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  • Changing boiler size?

    Hi guys

    I'm curious to know whether it would be possible to change from a large boiler to something smaller to bring the amperage down on a machine?

    Rather than using less elements meaning it'll take longer to heat a large boiler.

    Curious to know if doable

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    Anything is doable... It all comes down to how much cash you'd care to throw at building and then configuring what would ultimately be a frankenmachine with lower resale value.


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      I understand the logic of wanting to put a smaller boiler in but it is a DIY project that should be done because you can't wait to get in and rip it all apart and rebuild it.

      Some people are like that, if you aren't then just sell it and get a more suitable machine.


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        Thanks guys. Wasn't sure what was involved.

        The machine I have is great just way too overpowered for a cart (all I could afford at start up)

        Just can't justify the thousands needed for a new machine that's built as a 10a when mine is in great working order.

        Back to the drawing board I guess


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          There's not too much you can do cheaply - best case is that your current machine is an HX and you can find an old BZ machine to get its boiler from, but you'll find thread sizes and even thread standards used may differ. Buying a 1.5 - 2 L boiler new + element would be $500 min, even if you can find a parts supplier selling them.

          It sounds like you have a two or three group machine. All that grouphead mass is relying on the original boiler size and wattage for heat up and temp stability - you may well find with a smaller boiler it takes hours to get to and keep temperature.