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Upgrade with pressure in mind - Cremina v R60V

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  • Upgrade with pressure in mind - Cremina v R60V

    So - my wife and I have had a Lelit PL60TV2 and Mazzer Mini for the last 6 months and loved the setup (despite being a bit noisy).

    Those are both going to friends as payment and a gift for some landscaping work.

    We drink piccolos, love drier-tasting lighter roasts, and as two 9-5ers are only doing 2+ coffees at home on weekends (and weekdays just morning coffees before work). I don't mind putting a larger machine in the car for weekends away (which I did with the Lelit), but portability is a factor.

    We're now looking to upgrade and having lusted after commercial machines with full gamut of digital features (e.g. pressure profiling), am now finding myself stuck between two very different options.

    It's really old world vs new. Manual vs auto. Touch and feel vs data.

    With 6k max to spend, and having spent an hour at Talk Coffee with Chris, I am absolutely torn between the Rocket R60V and Olympia Cremina. The Alex Leva looked great too but on reflection not sure I want to plumb it in. Also am really interested to see how the Decent Espresso DE1+ turns out...but at the moment it's untested tech and too risky to invest in until reviews are out IMO.

    So my questions are:
    - If anyone owns a lever/Cremina, what's the learning curve?
    - Do people think all the tech in the R60V is likely to deliver a better result?
    - If it was you... what option would you go with?

    Thanks! And thanks to Chris for showing us around.. (and for the Macap M4D, which will be the partner for the new machine)

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    Cremina. No contest.

    1. Bulletproof construction.
    2. Minimal electronics.
    3. Quiet.
    4. Small.
    5. Portable.
    6. Analog - you can feel how the shot is extracting and raise / lower pressure as required.
    7. Will cope with your needs.

    Yes you will have to sell a kidney to buy one. But it will last longer than the kidney, will give you lifetime's worth of coffee, and will be an heirloom.

    I am one of the few foolish souls to have owned a Cremina and sold it. Do not make my mistake!

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      That's a great help thanks Sniff. How was the steam? And do you remember what the learning curve was like?


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        Originally posted by FairfieldJules View Post
        That's a great help thanks Sniff. How was the steam? And do you remember what the learning curve was like?
        My pleasure. Steam was fine, the secret was to give a quick purge of the steam to clear the wand and also to kick in the pressurestat so that the element is one while you're steaming.

        Learning curve is fine. The nice thing about a manual lever is that you can pretty much rescue every shot - if it's going too fast then ease the pressure on the lever, if it's taking too long then ease off altogether and then try pressing again.

        There are plenty of videos of people pulling shots on Creminas to be found.



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          I'm also planning my next machine purchase and I sort of narrowed it down to Alex Leva or Ambient Vesuvius (my purchase will not happen in the very near future so things may change ). I haven't yet touched any of these 2 machines though.

          Piccolos are to small for me so Cremina is not on my list.

          Currently my coffee making device is a Portaspresso so I have first hand experience with what pressure profiling can do to coffee (in the good sense). I must say, for me it was an eye opener. While previous to my hands on experience with Portaspresso Alex Leva was my favorite, now I favor Vesuvius by a good margin. The way I see it, Vesuvius is more flexible. If I feel like drinking a lever style shot, both V and AL can make one. But if I feel like having a more of a pump like, in your face shot AL will let me down. Just my 5 cents..


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            I love the specs of the Vesuvius but for me it's got a face only a mother could love. Also there's so much great technology out there these days why couldn't they chuck in a gorgeous touch screen like the one on the Slayer? I guess we're seeing technology that may by now be sort of four years old but still....


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              There's also the 'Decent' Espresso maker which is about to be released. Google it - the DE1+ has temp and pressure profiling.


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                Yes I've been keeping an eye on that. Was supposed to be on sale by now but no ETA for release date yet.

                Also I've shelved the Cremina....for now.... got some good advice from Rick the Coffee Machinist this morning with points about consistency, entertaining, etc (although he sounds like he loves his Cremina). Made me think about friends coming around (which is most weekends), and thinking maybe I don't want to be in the kitchen pulling six single shots, possibly with varying results, for guests.

                Ended up putting an order in for an LM Linea Mini. I intend to take it to Rick to get it modded for proper paddle preinfusion and possibly seek out this bloke to get some wooden bling added

                After doing more reading people seem to be satisfied with the R60V, but rave about the LM LM.

                Hopefully 5-10 years down the track when I next think about upgrading/selling the Slayer/Kees-style technology has worked its way down the food chain and there's some better looking and established DE1+ options out there.


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                  Been having a play with the LM LM and am hugely impressed.

                  Just stock it's turning out shots that seem to rival what I get each morning from the local coffee shop's Synesso, using same Small Batch candyman beans.

                  The Lelit wasn't getting near that quality until the machine had been on for half a day and I'd pulled 4-6 shots - and even then getting a shot with the LM's body and sweetness was a bit of a lucky dip.

                  The steam power is really overwhelming... that's going to take some getting used to especially with a small pitcher for piccolos. But even fumbling around sucking in huge gulps of air and trying to position properly for the 4 hole tip, the microfoam is still excellent.. there's just too much of it with my beginners technique.

                  The 58mm eazytamp I've been using could fit a bit more snugly in the stock basket... maybe a 58.3 would fit better like with VSTs.


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                    Congrats on your new machine! It can only get better after Rick does his magic .


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                      Congrats on the purchase FairfieldJules! Wondering how long it took for your LM LM to come in after ordering? (Or someone have stock?)


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                        Originally posted by matth3wh View Post
                        Congrats on the purchase FairfieldJules! Wondering how long it took for your LM LM to come in after ordering? (Or someone have stock?)
                        Got the last one from Di Pacci. From NSW to Melb in three days. Couldn't find stock anywhere else...