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Pump and motor for a Rancilio Z12

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  • Pump and motor for a Rancilio Z12

    I'm a newbie to the forum and a rank amateur in the espresso world, so please excuse the rookie questions!
    I picked up an old Rancilio machine with a mate. The steaming wands work great, but it appears to be missing the pump and motor. It's a big machine - 3 group heads! You can imagine how welcome it is on the kitchen bench!
    Anyone got any ideas on what type of pump and motor it would require? Some I've see online are pretty big (so maybe they wouldn't fit inside the machine) and others look tiny. Is there an accepted wisdom on the different types?
    I think it is a Z11 but not 100% sure.
    Any ideas appreciated.

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    This machine is designed to have the pump and motor located externally.

    A Procon clamp ring pump (, clamp ring ( and clamp ring motor ( is the most common setup.

    You will also need the appropriate length braided hoses and mains cord to connect the assembly to the machine.

    As you can see, you're going to be spending $500+ on all new parts which I wouldn't think is viable. I would suggest searching around on the second hand market for a good used pump and motor.


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      Hi, noidle22.

      Thanks for this. It's really helpful.
      I am looking around for some options, and might be onto something. So, do these things tend to sit under the bench, or next to the machine? How long do the hoses tend to be? And are they noisy?
      I really like the machine I have. When we have a gazillion people over, which we often do, it'd be nice to be able to make coffees quickly rather than stand around the little kitchen machine for an age!