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Unboxing the lion!

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  • Unboxing the lion!

    The eagle has landed. I repeat, the eagle has landed. Or in this case, the lion.

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    The red box. Time for an unboxing.


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      Good things come on pallets.

      Letting the steamblaster loose

      Pretty twinklers


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        That's a pretty good christmas pressie! enjoy


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          Solid! I've got the white one... it's terrific. Good times ahead!


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            Unfortunately I've notice a few issues on this machine out of the box.

            The pump pressure gauge dial stays on 13 bar. During a shot it will go back down to zero and rise to 9 bar... but then goes back up to 13 bar after the shot is finish.

            Also I noticed the analog PID wheel wasn't moving freely. I had a look at it and it's on an angle so it won't spin easily as it appears to be rolling against the chassis.

            Not sure if it helps troubleshoot, but I'm not seeing any back pressure of liquid post shot go in to the drip tray. Is this normal behaviour for the machine?


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              Presuming the position at bottom / middle of dial equates to set temp ?


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                Interesting reading this manual...


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                  Put the blind basket in. Take the silver mesh grate off the drip tray. Run a 10 second shot. After the shot do you see water escape to the drip tray?


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                    6 o'clock position when facing the dial is set temp


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                      Thank you Melbroaster. Appreciate your help.

                      6 o'clock position check... I've set it to about 93 now. Guessing each notch is half a degree. I haven't seem that in the manual.

                      The manual pages I posted above indicate it's supposed to go up to 12 on warm up. I've adjusted the expansion valve ever so slighty (as per the manual pics posted above posts) so that it now only reaches 12 instead of the 13 it was delivered with.

                      I'm trying to work out if the pump pressure gauge is meant to stay pointing at 12 when idle?
                      Do others see that as normal behaviour? :-)

                      Just found a post on HB indicating this is normal behaviour. Good-o


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                        Yes mine also does this


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                          Thanks to this thread I've adjusted my expansion valve too. My gs3 was going to 13 bar while warming up too


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                            thanks for posting the manual


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                              Unboxing the lion!

                              Fun times! Some new year La Marzocco merchandise arrived today.

                              A little mod to the OCD... before and after.

                              LM wristband OCD v1 upgrade [emoji3]

                              T Shirts, wristband and bottle opener...