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Izzo espresso machines Casa Espresso.

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  • Izzo espresso machines Casa Espresso.

    Hope Antony doesn't mind me reposting this, posting in the sponsor thread doesn't allow members to respond, and I suspect more Coffee Snobs will see it here.

    My first impression is great looking machine, classic Italian E61 styling, like the fact that it has rotary valves for steam and hot water.

    I think most will be familiar with the name Alex Duetto.

    Izzo espresso machines Australia

    IZZO Espresso

    From the 1st of March this year, the Izzo brand of espresso machines produced by Gruppo Izzo in Italy will be proudly represented in Australia by Casa Espresso.
    In a joint approach to Izzo with the current importer, Talk Coffee, Casa Espresso has now been appointed the exclusive distributor in Australia.
    This year’s MICE event, included a visit by Izzo’s export manager, Valerio Ronchi, who travelled to Australia to sign the agreement.
    With a strong import and distribution network, Casa Espresso will be looking to grow the dealer network, increase the profile and support the Izzo brand in Australia.
    Izzo has always had very strong support in Australia. In fact Izzo owners rarely see the need to upgrade once they have one, a true testament to the quality and features of the brand.
    The groundwork in establishing the Izzo brand has been laid by Chris Natoli of Talk Coffee. Chris will continue as a master reseller of the Izzo brand in Victoria as well as working as a brand ambassador representing Izzo in marketing and at trade shows.
    As the official and exclusive distributor, Casa Espresso will draw on their import and distribution network as well as investing in marketing and sales support for the brand.
    The message of the Izzo company is unique as one of the only machine manufacturers that also roast coffee. This approach helps the company focus on creating machines that directly improve and complement the espresso experience.
    Our first import for 2019 will see some small improvements to each model currently sold in Australia. We will be collaborating with Izzo in the development of some additional models for launch in 2020 and beyond.

    2019 marks Izzo’s 40th year anniversary and we celebrate the success of the past 40 years as well as looking forward to increasing the profile and reach of the brand in Australia.
    The future for Izzo in Australia is bright.

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    Izzo espresso machines Casa Espresso.

    Thanks Yelta. Good idea. I was going to post a congratulations to Antony but remembered the best I could do in that section was a thumbs up [emoji106]


    Would love to have a bar area with an Izzo 3 or 4 group lever machine on it.

    Price on importing big hunks of Italian metal gradually goes up.

    Anyway, I’ll go back to let the dreaming continue.

    P.s. is TC or other resellers doing ACS in Oz anymore? They seemed to have disappeared... [edit]: for clarification, I mean hearing about ACS in Oz... I know TC are going along OK. (back to googling ACS and Izzo)
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      Good on you Anthony and Chris!


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        Thanks all for the support!

        Our first significant Izzo stock is almost complete and will be on the water on the way to Australia very soon.

        Our approach will be to consolidate the existing models, create points of difference over other brands and expand the dealer network and support in each state.

        We have made some specification upgrades to the Alex Duetto with IMS baskets and filters as standard (which we believe is what is expected in machines of this level) and have also been able to negotiate a better buy price on the Alex Leva bringing the RRP to below $5K.

        The core domestic range will be:

        - Vivi PID. 1.8L Heat exchanger, cool touch wands, vibration pump
        - Alex PID.2.3L Heat exchanger, cool touch wands, rotary pump, direct plumb option
        - Alex Duetto. Dual STAINLESS steel boilers, PID, rotary pump , NEW IMS shower screen and basket as standard
        - Alex Leva. Double spring leva, La San Marco group head, PID

        We will release our new national dealer net work in the coming weeks.

        Feel free to call, email or DM with any questions.

        Upgraded pricing and specifications are available on our website.


        (03) 9530 8992


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          Afternoon all,

          Our first lot of Izzo Vivi PID stock has arrived and out in the hands of various resellers in around Australia.

          Build quality and finish is excellent and the more we compare (in as much an unbiased way as we can), the more the little features and benefits stand out over the competition.

          - Boiler is now 1.8L and fully insulated. Previously the boiler was 1.5L
          - Full stainless steel chassis. You wont find a stainless steel chassis on any other similarly priced HX machine
          - PID and shot timer
          - Cool touch steam wands
          - Slim line drip tray with magnetic contact point
          - Top mushroom is in stainless steel - not plated and not fragile ceramic
          - Spring loaded valve handles. You cant over tighten and damage the valve seals
          - Two group handles (not one with two baskets)
          - Stainless steel machined 58mm tamper.

          Add up all the "little" benefits and they become significant.

          We have some more exciting Izzo announcements coming up the next few weeks.

          Stay tuned

          (03) 95308992

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            A very sweet machine Antony...



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              Looks and sounds like a very nice machine Antony.

              Click image for larger version

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                Izzo Alex Duetto and EVO

                Our flag ship Izzo dual boiler models are both in stock now.

                The traditional Alex Duetto and also the Duetto EVO.

                In addition to all the normal features both of these models now feature factory fitted IMS shower screens, precision double baskets and an E61 naked group handle. The EVO is of particular interest and an addition to our Izzo range.

                The user friendly touch screen features:
                -Temperature control of the two boilers
                -The symbol for the alarm clock time
                -Date and time
                -Total shot counter
                -The time in seconds for espresso extraction
                -Easy access to all PID parameters
                -2 x on/off presets can be set for each day of the week.


                On display at our Melbourne showroom or through our dealer network


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