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    Hello all!

    I am new here, but have been into espresso for a few years now. Last month I acquired a Gaggia Tell 2 gr. for a stellar price and intend to do a full restoration. Unfortunately, I am missing an unobtanium section: The drip tray and grill. I am posting here to inquire if anyone has knowledge on where to source a possible replacement. Everything else is present with this machine which is fortunate. I have contacted 10+ vendors at this point including Ascaso and Enrico Maltoni (he can do it but only if I have him restore it for me, which I respect but declined) with no luck. No matter what happens when I begin my restoration I will update the thread as it goes.

    The ANCC tag id is 107459 and Gaggia id of 81965



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    Just an update. I did manage to find a replacement tray and am wrapping up making the machine run again, just waiting on a replacement heating element. It was stripped to the frame, which was powder coated and media blasted, all gaskets were replaced, and all parts cleaned and or buffed. Besides the drip tray everything else was with the machine and had a good time bringing it back to life as a first project.


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      Looks fantastic


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        That's beautiful. Good luck with the replacement heating element.


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          Thank you! I tried to keep everything in original condition where I could. I do not need it to be flawless if I intend to use it. I also prefer a brushed look on the steel front panels over the chrome-like polished look, partially since I know scratches will develop from use and the brushed look hides them better.

          The heating element was ordered on October 18, and estimated time to get shipped was 12-16 weeks, so hopefully it will come soon as week 12 approaches...


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            How's that Tell going?


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              It was finished in January of 2020, but I just forgot to update it here. This was my first project
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                Very nice. I was on my second two group Tell before I was rudely interrupted by a '52 Spagna. This was my first. The second one is red. There is something special about that majestic Gaggia group.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	Gaggia-Tell.jpg Views:	0 Size:	93.2 ** ID:	907143