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Jura Z6 coffee machine.

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  • Jura Z6 coffee machine.

    Seems the only qualifier for inclusion as an extreme machine is price, reviews are less than stellar, $4000 for an appliance is getting silly.

    The blurb claims the grinder brings out 12.2% more aroma (that's pretty precise) "the new Professional Aroma grinder, which it claims brings out 12.2 per cent more aroma."

    Love the tasting panel, my wife and my mum.

    Full review/sales pitch here

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    Less than stellar reviews? 4.5/5 from 205 reviews, seems decent to me....

    Also, it's $3790 retail. Most sellers have then for around the $3000 mark. Still expensive, but you are buying a quality product which should last you a long time.

    The grinder gimmick isn't anything fancy but the pulse extraction process is (which they failed to mention in the article).

    I don't know how they did it but an espresso from a Z6 tastes far superior in comparison to a standard Jura or any other automatic machine I've tasted before and I've pretty much had one from every machine at this point.
    It's not as good as a manually brewed shot obviously, but it's a step up in the automatic machine world that's for sure.


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      Originally posted by noidle22 View Post
      Less than stellar reviews? 4.5/5 from 205 reviews.
      Wondering how it might rate if it were given to 205 CS'ers to review?

      I can't believe that a so called "journo" would be paid for a few hundred words of utter shite which would have taken all of 5 minutes to bang off.

      It reeks of paid advertorial and if it was, they should have come clean on that.


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        Yep, looks that way to me also...



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          Meh, not the greatest article admittedly. Probably not an advertorial itself, but I’m guessing that Jura advertise in the Herald and I’m sure the machine would’ve been provided free of charge. Slightly weird comparing it to Nespresso pods as it’s kinda comparing apples and oranges, but then I guess that’s probably what most Australian households have these days so it makes sense in that regard.
          There’s a market for a machine like this so if Jura are getting better at providing a quality product in this price range then that’s a good thing as it’s far better than more pod machines being sold. I guess you could say it’s an appliance, but so is a $5000 Smeg fridge and you don’t compare that to your $1000 Whirlpool.