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Faema 2 group machine , shower screen question!

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  • Faema 2 group machine , shower screen question!

    Evening coffee lovers,
    This machine was probably valued at about this “extreme machine “ back in 1981 so I ask the question here.
    In my attempt to check and potentially clear blocked shower screens,I’m puzzled with the screens fitting.
    No apparent fixing screws as usually expected, what’s the trick in removing these pesky screens?
    Group seals are still viable and I’m not keen pulling them out until I have replacements.

    Please see attached image ,perhaps someone has the trick sorted, thanks in anticipation.
    Mick.Click image for larger version

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    You just lever it out with a flat head screwdriver. Use the edge of the group as a pivot point, jam the screwdriver into the side of the basket and lever it down.

    The group seal holds the shower screen in place so it will come out with it and they usually don't take any damage providing they are still pliable. If they are perished then they may break apart on the way out.


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      Pesky shower screens!

      Thank you for your knowledge share, wonderful this forum and the amazing knowledge available on this forum.
      Screwdriver leveraging it is then, thanks again.


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        Good Evening Coffee Lovers,
        Just enjoying my Faema 2 group machine this evening , something as simple as watching the amazing operation of these older machine is almost mesmerising, no such thing as solenoids on this beauty, pure electro-mechanical operation!

        No printed circuits or computer programmable units anywhere just solid Italian engineering/manufacturing brilliance!

        Considering the design of these machines ,other then possible blockages & perhaps operator foolishness, these will last for ever....I suppose fashion is always difficult to maintain!

        I also enjoy watching the pressure stat operating, two glass bulbs filled with sizeable slugs of mercury which gently tilt left or right depending on tank pressure variations, delightful!
        Makes an incredibly good coffee as well!

        Thanks for your patience with my “PSA’s” ( pleasant Saturday afternoons).
        Click image for larger version

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          Yep, when you have to have something that will absolutely NOT fail in service, always best to keep it rugged and simple...