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La Marzocco GS3 - Water Filtration

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  • La Marzocco GS3 - Water Filtration

    Hi - interested to hear about anyone's experience on water filtration for plumbed in GS3 machines. I'm Sydney based. Thanks.

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    Hi Mattk,
    plumbed my GS3 MP 3 years ago and has been flawless.
    Ordered a brita purity C150 with a pressure reducer (3.5bar).
    A few cables from bunnings and your done.
    I even split the output and plumbed by fridge water/ice maker.

    I change the cartridge every year and at my last service my tank was pristine.

    Don't get me wrong its a bit of a fiddle but very much worth it.

    I would have done the MP grade but pre-infusing at 3.5 bar is just about right for me.

    All the best



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      Thanks Wayne. I ended up going for an everpure cartridge supposedly used by the La Marzocco commercial installers.

      Still thinking about the MP conical valve upgrade (1000 bucks).

      Out of interest, how long are you pre infusing for?



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        For what it's worth, I went to play around with the MP conical valve and I was really disappointed by it. It wasn't really made for pressure profiling; it was really made to make the o-rings need less servicing, and apparently it has been quite successful in that. Pressure profiling is sort of an unintended consequence, and it's not really very good at that. It is very sensitive to any adjustments that you make, which makes it quite hard to make small adjustments or to get a smooth pressure curve transition. It also dumps a tonne of water into the drip tray, since that's how it gets rid of the excess pressure. It's also hella expensive. If I had a GS3, I'd look at getting a gear pump in there and doing pressure profiling that way.


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          Agreed Luca.

          If I had a GS3 and wanted to pressure profile, it'd be the R 9 one for me....


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            Originally posted by Caffeinator View Post
            Agreed Luca.

            If I had a GS3 and wanted to pressure profile, it'd be the R 9 one for me....
            I guess the GS3 has pretty good resale value, so if you had a GS3 and you sold it to buy an R9 one, the cost probably wouldn't be that much different from buying an R9 one. Have you actually used the R9 one, or is this just based on paper?

            I considered all of these and went for the decent. Obviously, long term reliability is an unknown to everyone at this point, but what's not really arguable is that it has more functionality in a smaller package than both the GS3 and the R9 one and at half the price of either. The Vesuvius was also great at significantly less money than the R9 one and the GS3.

            Actually, between the Vesuvius and the Decent, I have now given really serious consideration to buying an LM machine for home TWICE and they've not been good enough value propositions. This is really sad, since I loved working on LMs years ago and remember being blown away by the shots I was pulling on the GS3 when it first came out, or maybe even when it was a prototype. The rest of the market has really caught up and surpassed it in the intervening decade or so. I suppose what is nice is that LM is at least supporting it with incremental upgrades and it is a good platform to hack. The flipside is that none of the upgrades are cheap. The direction that the linea mini has taken is one that I understand, and no doubt its target market is bigger than the market for a more fully featured machine, but I'm certainly not part of it!


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              I have had my GS3 AV for approx 7 years now and have it plumbed in with everpure under sink filtration. Have had no issues and can't fault it.


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                Brita C Finest, or BWT Best Protect are designed to perform better with stainless boilers.. Considering you have a GS3.
                Othwerise BWT Bestmax premium are good really for flavour enhancer not as good with stainless corrosion.

                I hope this helped


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                  i have been using the brita c finest with mine with no issues at all


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                    same for me


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                      The finest will be fine- on the proviso that incoming water is good enough. There are plenty of areas of Australia where it will not be sufficient and many of them are not far from your local CBD.

                      Crazy to spend $$$$ on a machine and then just hope that the filter will be satisfactory. Do that at the risk of dead boilers. Stainless steel is a whole new ballgame.


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                        Originally posted by luca View Post
                        Have you actually used the R9 one, or is this just based on paper?
                        Yeppers- Owned 2 x GS3 MP and have pulled a good few hundred shots on an R NINE ONE as well.