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Weird Pump Noise - La Cimbali M21 Premium 2grp

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  • Weird Pump Noise - La Cimbali M21 Premium 2grp

    Hi Guys,

    As per the title, I've got a 2 group La Cimbali M21, and late last week I noticed the pump was making a weird "metallic" noise. I didn't have time to look into it, and the coffee extracted fine, so I just assumed either something was coming loose, or that something had fallen into the machine and was rattling around when the pump was on.

    Yesterday, it was still doing it, but I noticed that when I put a loaded group handle in and started extracting, that the noise returned to normal after a couple of seconds of the noise stopped once the group head was up to brew pressure.

    Later that day, I made another coffee...this time the noise didn't stop, and extraction was very poor (very little crema).

    So after that coffee, I got the pressure guage portafilter out and did a quick test. On the first pass, it got practically zero pressure, the needle barely moved. On a second pass, it got up to normal brew pressure.

    So I concluded that the pump was failing, and I would need to replace it, but it was working most of the time so I could keep using the machine in the meantime.

    This morning, I turned on the machine when I got up, and the autofill stayed on for much longer than usual....then the machine turned itself off.

    I now can't turn if back on at all, and have tried unplugging it for a bit and plugging it back in.

    So I have two questions:

    1. Does my diagnosis of broken pump still sound correct?
    2. Is there some sort of "fail safe" switch that has likely been triggered (hence the failure now to turn on)? And if so, how do I reset that so I can get it to turn on again?

    I will probably try and get an order in with Coffeeparts for a new pump today so I can get it up and running ASAP, but I wonder if i need anything else as well? (new motor perhaps).

    Thanks in advance

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    Is it a rotary pump? Pull the bypass (pressure) adjuster out and check the piston is free to move.

    If it’s vibe pump, grab a new one just in case if yours is old, they are very cheap regardless.



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      Thanks for the suggestion...unfortunately, I am embarrassed by the sheer monument to stupidity this thread represents given how I "fixed" the problem last night.

      So the machine wouldn't turn on because whatever happened after the auto-fill stayed on too long yesterday morning tripped the circuit breaker and there was simply no power to the power point.

      Problem 1: Machine wouldn't turn on. Cause? Power not on----------Idiot.

      Then I started hunting around for why there was still no water coming out of the groups, yet why the metallic noise the pump was making didn't sound like a "seized" noise (i.e. when an electronic motor is trying to spin something that wont move). When I realised that even the manual fill lever didn't seem to be doing anything, I decided to check the water line itself. Tap was on, so I thought I better pull the filter out and check there were no blockages.

      ....then I remembered the fancy water filter these come with have a lever on top that opens and closes the flow......what a surprise, it had been knocked into the "off" position.

      Problem 2: No water flow. Cause? Water turned off -----------Idiot

      So in short, I was trying to make a coffee with a machine that was off (in all senses of the word).

      Works fine now. Boy am I glad Coffeeparts was out of stock of those $240 rotary pumps


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        The best fix ever


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          Haha we've all been there at sometime.

          This morning while in a hurry I ground coffee into my naked portafilter without the basket inserted -- idiot


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            I roasted beans in my Coretto last week and forgot to turn the breadmaker on.
            Uneven roast is a huge understatement.


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              Sheesh, where do I start...



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                I ground the second lot of beans in the lido without the catchcup fitted. Ground 90% of it straight down the trouser leg onto floor. Gf laughed at me too.


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                  The other day I weighed out beans into the cup, tipped them into the top of the Niche, shut the lid, put the cup back on the scales, and turned the grinder on. Once I realised what was happening I shoved the cup under the chute and promptly tared the scale. So instead of having to top up the grounds in the cup I had to tip them out and start again. This was very quickly followed by the realisation that all I needed to do was tare a new container and tip the grounds in, but of course they were in the knock box by then.

                  I'm sensing a theme here, people making mistakes pre-coffee. Or in my case after too much coffee.
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                    If only all fixes were this easy!!