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Wanting to rebuild another extreme machine

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  • Wanting to rebuild another extreme machine

    Hiya All,

    Im back again, a few years ago(12) I rebuilt an Azkoyen Bravo 2 group, with lots of help from good folk around here.
    After selling it and getting ripped off my buyer, Abbey was sadly replaced with a Breville BES920 which has been ok, son bought me a BES880 I think it is and not liking that much.
    Sooooo, after another machine to rebuild and wifeys approved it, happy days!

    So question is, I was looking at another Azkoyen but in brief searches online for spare parts have noticed that they are a bit more scarce and boy are pricier then 12 years ago. Ill need body parts for one Im looking at.
    So can anyone offer suggestions on a machine to look for that has lots of spares readily available and that I wont need to do a NASA how to build the shuttle course to rebuild it as the Bravo was easy as!

    Thanks in advance and eagerly awaiting my beans Andy!
    (going to start roasting again too, 2x genes died on me so that's also on the cards!)


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    I wouldn't buy another Azkoyen. Nothing wrong with them as far as design or build quality, it's just that they are now all orphaned since the company no longer makes espresso machines.
    Basic service parts can still be had, but important stuff like control boards are no longer available, and most machines you will find are now old enough the heads are usually very worn.
    A year or so back we scrapped 20+ Azkoyen Viennas since we didn't have any working control boards left to revive them, after cannibalising them to keep other machines running.


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      If you’re looking for something sturdy, reliable and easy to maintain with spare parts readily available you can’t go wrong with a machine from Gruppo Cimbali, the main brands being Faema and La Cimbali. I’d also put the Wega family of machines in the same category which includes Astoria. There’s plenty of other options, but I’d generally avoid the Spanish brands like Azkoyen as parts aren’t as easy to get (except maybe Expobar). If you’re in Australia then don’t count out Boema either.


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        It's a shame Azkoyen are no more. There were great machines aside from the bodywork (in my opinion) and unique electronics.
        I have a 2 group Vienna of a customer's here, has been well looked after except they didn't feel it necessary to run it on a water filter so cleaning out the scale was the bulk of the work.

        I think they are looking for a more modern and common machine to replace this one, if they decide to not take it or want to sell it, I will send you a message. It's not a rebuild as such as it's 100% operational but it would benefit from a bit of a frame restoration and panel respray.


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          ive got a machine that needs body work and new steam wand for only 300AUD, body work is easily repaired using motorbike repair techniques
          I did have a bit of trouble finding parts but suppliers are in the UK.
          Yeah noidle let me know if possible,
          and Morgan your probably right there hence my question, 12 years ago there was loads of parts around,
          oh yeah cimbali and faema id forgotten those ones, thanks!


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            I have an unfinished La Marzocco GS if you are interested.

            Manual paddle 2 group
            Pm if interested


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              picked up a nuova simonelli mac cup v this morning ill rebuild not sure which category itll go


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                Welcome back Sullo....I remember you from years back, with your obsessive behaviour on repairing a large machine.

                Made entertaining reading. Taking the machine to the car wash for a pressure spray was priceless!!!

                You became ill and stopped posting if I recall correctly...hope you're back in form.

                Good luck.


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                  heya Robusto
                  yep thats me an sadly im back ��
                  im down to a bes900/920 with smart an pro grinders
                  i fixed a supposedly not working em6910 the other weekend an this morning picked up the siminelli no idea which cat that goes in but be doing another rebuild hehhe
                  an thanks for all your help an advice back then too
                  did my first roast in years last night in a popper i killed two gene cafes an yesterday also recv a hottop to check out
                  back with slightly slower avengance


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                    I'm the same as robusto, that rebuild was a great journey to read along with - the darth maul outfit was pretty cool all those years ago too!
                    Welcome back - hope all is well with you now and you enjoy the journey once more.


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                      Thanks Shannon great to be back lol
                      Older and a bit slower but still as obsessed