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Rocket Espresso Cronometro Tipo R vs ECM technika v profi pid

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  • Rocket Espresso Cronometro Tipo R vs ECM technika v profi pid

    Hi All
    I am looking at upgrading for my Rancilio Silvia V1 to a Rocket Espresso Cronometro Tipo R or a ECM Technika v Profi PID.
    Both are HX machines both have PID's, rotary pumps, shot timers and both are about the same price.
    I have heard that the ECM might have better build quality.
    But the Rocket seems very popular so getting parts to fix may be easier.
    Just not sure which to choose.

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    You'll have no issues with either, you'll have no issues getting parts for either, you'll have the potential to make delicious coffee with either. Rocket has a little more flair and design, ECM has a little more build quality and precision feel. Neither of them have bad design, and neither have bad build quality. They're both high end prosemer grade coffee machines that will last a lifetime if looked after, but have slightly different personalities, that's it. It's up to you.
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      Well said Ninja,

      Ideally you want to see both in person and run your hands over the machines, more than likely you’ll know pretty quick which tickles your fancy.


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        Thanks for the info, it would be good to look at both machines, to me it seems like not many suppliers in Melbourne have both machines.
        I am based in South West Victoria.


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          You may have to visit multiple suppliers to get a feel for both of them, well worth it though. Looking at a machine in pictures or from the other side of the room is one thing, being up close and hands on can completely change your opinion from what you thought you preferred from pictures only.


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            Hi Marcrs,

            What did you end up purchasing as I’m also looking at the two machines you’ve mentioned.

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