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Brew pressure gauge problem on VBM 2B

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  • Brew pressure gauge problem on VBM 2B


    Just wanted to know if anyone could help with a problem with my VBM 2B which has been serving me faithfully for a number of years.

    The machine has been great, but recently there has been a problem with the brew pressure gauge. When the machine is cold it reads 4 bar, when it is heated up it goes up to 10 and then during a shot it goes to around 9-10 bar. After the shopt finishes, the number on the gauge shoots up to the maximum (16 bar). If I pull the lever up without the portafilter it fluctuates around the 8-10 bar range.

    If anyone has any idea on what could be causing the problem that would be fantastic.


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    Hi Tim,
    Is the machine plumbed into the water mains or drawing from a tank?


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      Hi robusto,

      Thanks for the reply.... much appreciated.

      Since the machine is located in a part of the kitchen without plumbing it is 'plumbed' in via a Flojet system to a bottle containing filtered water. I've got a splitter on the Flojet that connects the water to the coffee machine as well as a water filter tap. I have not noticed any change in the water pressure when using either the tap or when I pull the lever up on the machine so I wouldn't think that would be the problem. I've had the same setup with no changes running for around 5 years or so.

      Hopefully that clarifies things a bit.... but if you need a more detailed explanation please let me know.
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        A strange one.
        And I don't have the answers.
        My thoughts are that when heating water in the brew lines expands and causes pressure to rise from the idle 4 bar when cold.
        Why if would then shoot to 16 bar after pulling a shot? Don't know. Maybe the flowjet pump pressure?
        These problems are all of a sudden without any changes having been made? Twelve years ago my rotary pump would draw from a tank. Now, the same pump
        needs an inline anti flowback valve (which like your system, is playing havoc with pressures).


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          No worries.... I'm just as stumped as you are.

          Thanks anyway.... might just need to book the machine in for a service. You wouldn't happen to have any recommendations for a place in Melbourne would you?


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            Site Sponsor The Coffee Machinist would be worth getting in touch with.


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              Thanks CafeLotta. I may give him a call next week some time.


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                I'd say it has some chunk of scale upsetting things