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  • Bezzera BZ35

    I have a Bezzera BZ35 that my parents just gave me. They said they were just gonna throw it out but I looked it up and it seems like a waste and quite a good coffee machine. It's drip tray has a crack in it which I will get replaced but if I do how much do you reckon I could sell it for. It's in good condition and works fine.

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    Google is your friend.


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      Be a great project unit


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        You would end up with a good coffee machine. Used values for Bezzera non E61 models aren't great. Market value in running condition probably $300-$500 if it is a plumbed model they are a bit harder to sell. But don't let it go to the tip, many coffee geeks would love to fix it and if you take it on it would be fun.


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          Ben i just got hold of a bz35 in pieces yesterday an have an offer for you obviously location depending,
          I need to get the case off one of these to photograph an trace out every wire an part,
          If youwerentso inclined to run up yours and do all the cleaning check seals replace group heads seals shower screen run descale etc, my offer is i could do it for you, labour free of course, justso i can see whats inside it, clean it and his would help me rebuild mine! If your interested pls get in touch! L o l. Or sell it to me for my collection