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Isomac pro dual boiler guage brew pressure

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  • Isomac pro dual boiler guage brew pressure

    Can anyone help, I believe my brew guage might be faulty or it could be something more. When I move the lever to brew with no portafilter locked in the guage moves from 0 immediately to 8 bar. After I stop the brew the guage stays at 4 bar. The only way the guage will return to 0 is by turning machine off it will slowly return to zero after 5 minutes or if I open the on lever while machine is off pressure immediately returns to 0 with gurgling and splatering from the e61 with slow dribbling out of brew group. Damm thing is less than 6 months old but it makes awesome coffee

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    I don't have a dual boiler or a brew pressure gauge, but this sounds similar to an issue I had with my steam boiler pressure gauge on my Giotto. It would climb up to 1.5 bar (pressure stat was set to ~1.1) and would stick at about 0.5 Bar then slowly go to zero after machine was off and there was no actual pressure left.

    Turns out I had some scale lodged in the end of the tube going to the pressure gauge. Unscrewed it, cleaned it out and all was good again