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    Hi Guys
    Anyone out there with this machine that is using a naked portafilter. I am wondering if you have had the same issue I am having. I lock the portafilter into the grouphead as tight as I can, however there is substantial leaking of water down the side of the portafilter whist brewing. Any thoughts?



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    Hi, are you using the factory LM naked? i have found the LM group pretty frustrating with getting a good seal. Although a lot of non LM portafilters will fit, they don't seal as well as the LM ones for me/ I've tried a few different silicon seals including the cafelat ones too. The one i'm using at the moment is the latest LM factory orange silicon seal and i do find it i little softer and easier to seal.


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      Yes I am using the LM naked. Surprised at the amount of leakage as the machine and Naked are only just over a month old. The other LM portafilters don't leak which leads me to think it maybe the naked portafilter itself. Surprising to find this on such an expensive set up.


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        The new gasket for the LMLM is different compared to the standard one.
        It’s designed to be easier to lock in with the portafilter with less effort, but starts leaking pretty soon.
        I suggest you to replace it with part # H3001
        Alternatively there’s the silicone one, but I didn’t really like it.
        hope this helps