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La Cimbali M28 Select - restoration

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  • La Cimbali M28 Select - restoration

    Decided to buy a used one, to restore, as a project during the Covid-19 lockdown.
    Never worked on any espresso machine before.

    Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    I turned it on, heard a long beep and it started heating in setting 2.
    Setting 1, filling up, was skipped since the boiler appeared full.
    The boiler got really hot, started boiling the water, and I heard it turning off (a click so solenoid probably).

    Then I could use the steamer and the hot water function.
    The group heads only gave very little hot water and did so intermittently.
    Based on searching this forum, this is because I don't have the water intake connected to the tap.
    Currently, for testing, the stainless steel flexi hose sits loose in a filled bucket and is therefore missing the needed positive pressure.
    I'll order a quick fit for garden hoses to connect the machine with my sink faucet in an attempt to solve this.

    After using the hot water function a couple of times, the light for refill went on and I heard the pump trying to get water.
    I turned it off a bit later, because running the pump dry probably isn't the best idea.

    All, to me, seems normal up until this point.
    However, the boiler pressure gauge read 0 bar.

    I found that unlikely, and think the problem might be a faulty gauge.
    After disconnecting the guage, and opening it up, some gunk fell out when I pressed the 'lever' and rotated the dial.
    The problem is that it now sits at about 0.8 bar, for no apparant reason, even when completely disconnected.

    > Is the spring in the gauge worn after 20 years and therefore not returning to 0? Should I order a new one or can it be fixed?
    > No doubt my assessment isn't quite right, so any feedback is very welcome!

    You can see a picture via this link:

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    Something that may be of assistance, is our repository of documentation located here...

    Hope it helps,


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      Originally posted by Dimal View Post
      Something that may be of assistance, is our repository of documentation located here...

      Hope it helps,
      Thank you!
      I had already found it.