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DIP switch and programming

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  • DIP switch and programming

    The manual of my La Cimbali M28 Select says to flip the DIP switches to access the programming mode.
    Only then, you would be able to turn the machine ON and press the STOP/START (20) button to enter programming mode, hearing a beep.
    The machine would then be ready for the programming by holding the various dispensing buttons.

    The manual however talks about three modes: not abled programming, abled programming and computer interface mode.
    It also is unclear whether the white area is the switch or the black area is supposed to be the switch.

    I tried all six possible combinations, and every combination causes the machine to dispense water from both groups and the hot water at start-up.
    Except when you put the machine in ON OFF OFF OFF for abled mode and OFF ON OFF OFF for computer interface.
    Both don't allow me to hear a beep after pressing the START/STOP button.
    Computer interface (engineering?) mode, did reset all of my buttons, and most of them aren't working anymore.

    Does anyone have any experience with this process?